Top 5 longest-running TV series with a female protagonist

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It’s the World TV Day! Whether you’re a fan or not, the truth is that this little artifact changed the course of history and how we relate with each other since it was first introduced back in the late 20s. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to imagine life without this amazing little box, and some of our greatest memories are linked to the TV shows we’ve watched.

However, when we take a look at the longest-running shows in the US, most of them have men as the main characters, which is why today we check out the top 5 longest-running TV series with female protagonists you should definitely give a try!


Longest-running TV series with a female protagonist #5: The Lucy Show and Here’s Lucy

Following the success of I Love Lucy, beloved comedian Lucille Ball starred in two different sitcoms which were hugely popular. The shows ran from 1962 to 1968, and then from 1968 to 1974, with more than one hundred episodes each.

Both shows followed her adventures working in Los Angeles as a single mother of two, and Lucille Ball won several awards for her portrayal.

Longest-running TV series with a female protagonist #4: Love of Life

An unusual soap opera, this show premiered in 1951 on CBS and ran until 1980. Originally, the show featured two sisters: Vanessa and Meg Dale, whom represented both good and evil. Afterwards, the storyline changed, following Vanessa and her adventures.

The show had more than seven thousand episodes, and won a Daytime Emmy and a Writers Guild of America award.


Longest-running TV series with a female protagonist #3: Search for Tomorrow

Running from 1951 to 1986 on CBS and NBC, Search for Tomorrow was a soap opera centered on the character of Joanne Gardner, a well-behaved housewife whom had to fend for herself after losing her husband and managing a hotel business by herself.

The TV show surpassed the nine thousand episodes, and was discontinued after being considered too bland for modern audiences. However, it received several awards from the Daytime Emmys and the Writers Guild of America.

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Longest-running TV series with a female protagonist #2: All my children

Once one of the most popular shows from US television, this soap opera ran from 1970 to 2013 on ABC and The Online Network. The series focused on main heroine Erica Kane and her complex and multiple relationships, and surpassed the ten thousand episodes.

The show and its actors received more than three hundred nominations from the Daytime Emmy Awards and the Writers Guild of America.


Longest-running TV series with a female protagonist #1: One Life to Live

Centered on the life of Victoria “Viki” Lord, this soap opera ran from 1968 to 2013 on ABC, for a grand total of more than eleven thousand episodes! The series tells the tough life experiences of Victoria, and also centers on her role as the matriarch of the Lord family, and the relationships between its members.

One life to live briefly transitioned from the TV to a web series, before being discontinued in 2013. Actress Erika Slezak, whom played Victoria, received six Daytime Emmy Awards for her portrayal, while the TV show received multiple awards and nominations.

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