Holidays 2014 Gift Guide for Her

  • Sol Rivero

The Christmas shopping season has begun! It’s time to find some great presents for the people we love the most, but with all the fuss, meetings and decorating, it could be difficult to come up with good ideas, and we might even choose hastily with disastrous results.

To help you out, we’ve gathered some great gift ideas that can assist you while picking the perfect presents for the women in your life, whether it’s your mother, daughter, sister, girlfriend, coworker…these are the items she’ll definitely want to receive!

Here’s our Holidays 2014 Gift Guide for Her!


Holidays 2014 Gift Guide for Her: Gift ideas for young girls

Looking for the perfect gift for a teenager might be quite a difficult task. When picking a present for a young girl, keep in mind what’s trendy and what she’s into. New gadgets and items which can help highlight their personalities are always great options for teens.

If you’re looking for something that any young girl can appreciate, then consider these gift ideas:

  • A diary: it’s the perfect complement to a teenager’s lifestyle since it allows them to write down their private thoughts. Look for something unique with an eye-catching cover which fits her style -and make sure it includes a lock!
  • Statement jewelry: every girl in the world loves to have something that can complement her outfits. If you’re not sure of what she’ll like, opt for basics: elegant stud earrings, a cute metallic necklace, or a delicate bracelet.
  • Cosmetics: whether it’s an eye-shadow palette, a set of glittery nail polish, or a stunning lipstick; cosmetics are always a great addition to any girl’s collection.
  • A cute handbag: the perfect accessory for any outfit, a unique handbag is perfect for a young girl’s wardrobe.


Holidays 2014 Gift Guide for Her: Gift ideas for college girls or working women

If you’re picking a present for a young girl who is a little older than 18, then it’s time to think about accessories that can help her prepare for the world. Practical items are perfect, but don’t forget about pampering them a little with stress-relieving gifts.

Here are some great gift ideas for college girls or working women:

  • Comfy clothing: silk pajamas, a soft bathrobe, cozy slippers…anything that can give girls a sense of comfort while they’re at home will be a much welcomed present.
  • A home spa set: continuing with the idea of comfort, something that can help working women a lot can be a good set of stress-relieving products. Body sprays, soaps, creams, or a full spa set with relaxing properties and delicious fragrances will be a perfect gift.  
  • Timeless jewelry: this is probably one of the busiest times of any woman’s life, and plenty of job interviews, weddings, and other social events, require accessories that can be worn in any occasion. An elegant pearl necklace or some metallic jewelry are great options.
  • An inspiring book or movie: does your friend need a boost? At this time, she probably does. Look for an inspiring biography, film, documentary, a book of quotes by successful people…anything that can help their motivation running will be a great gift.  


Holidays 2014 Gift Guide for Her: Gift ideas for middle-age and older women

It’s time to relax and start enjoying life! Middle-age and older women are looking for something that provides comfort and fun. New experiences are welcomed, but nothing will be as appreciated as something luxurious.

These are some great gift ideas for middle-age and older women:

  • Fine food: whether it’s a box of unique chocolates or a bottle from an exquisite wine, fine food is always welcomed by those who want to simply enjoy the great things in life.
  • A new perfume: if there’s something a grown woman can appreciate, is the luxury of a new perfume. Look for a spicy and sensual fragrance that reflects their personality.
  • Large accessories: this is the time of any woman’s life when they can truly show their personality without worries, so to complement that audacious attitude she’ll need matching statement jewelry. Opt for large accessories with eye-catching gemstones, or something with a vibrant design.
  • Something exotic: whether it’s a trip to a faraway place, a book with pictures of beautiful destinations, or an accessory from an exotic land…they’ll love the uniqueness and extravagance of a new experience.



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