Best foods to fight stress

  • Sol Rivero

Working too hard? Worrying too much? Stress is a harmful condition that can cause terrible health consequences, from heart problems and aches to memory issues. When we’re under too much stress, a normal response of our bodies is to crave for food, but most of the time we opt for unhealthy snacks which can also cause weight-gain or increase our anxiety.

To help you out, we tell you the top 5 best foods to fight stress that will make you feel better without side effects. Check them out!


Best food to fight stress #5: Spinach

Green vegetables are great for giving your body magnesium, an essential substance that can help you avoid muscle tension, depression, anxiety and insomnia, some of the symptoms and causes of stress. Spinach is a great option, since only a cup of these tasty foods contains high levels of magnesium.

Spinach also contains multiple vitamins and minerals which help reduce stress hormones and relax your body, making it a healthy addition to your diet.


Best food to fight stress #4: Dark Chocolate

You might believe that fatty foods are not a heathy alternative for your relieving your stress, but dark chocolate is the perfect option for giving your mood a boost. Having a small piece of dark chocolate at least once a week will give your body magnesium and pack you with antioxidants.

Chocolate is also great for your heart, since it helps you lower your blood pressure, and it relieves depressive symptoms when you’re feeling down.  


Best food to fight stress #3: Tea

Teas contain powerful antioxidants which have the ability to calm your body and mind, making them the perfect alternative to unhealthy beverages like coffee or sodas, which can increase your anxiety when consumed in large quantities. Green and black tea also contain thiamine, a substance that can improve your attention and boost your mood.

If you’re trying to relax before going to bed, or to relax after a stressful event, you can also try some chamomile tea, a great calming brew.


Best food to fight stress #2: Nuts

Iron deficiency can cause fatigue and anxiety, especially in women, and for a wonderful iron supply, you can add nuts such as cashews, almonds, pistachios and walnuts to your diet. These foods are sources of healthy fats, making great snacks, and can complement baked meals.

Although some of them can be high in carbs, they’re great foods with many health properties, such as keeping your brain and heart strong and healthy.


Best food to fight stress #1: Blueberries

Berries are known for providing your body with many antioxidants, substances that can reduce inflammation and sharpen your mind. However, blueberries are considered the best amongst them, since they also contain Vitamin C, which can lower the levels of cortisol, a stress-producing hormone.

These fruits can also help lower your blood pressure, and consuming them regularly can help you reduce symptoms of depression and insomnia.



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