Hair trends for 2015

  • Sol Rivero

New Year, new look! It’s the perfect time for modifying your appearance the way you’ve always wanted to, and what better way to start than trying the new hair colors and styles that will be trending this year?

Discover what will be “in” during this New Year! Check out the hair trends for 2015:


Hair trend for 2015 #4: Messy hair

The natural look has been quite popular during 2014, and the trend seems to continue well into 2015. For this year, forget about wearing an extremely polished hairstyle, and opt for a slightly more unkempt look. Skip perfect curls or perfectly straight hair, and opt for messy waves instead.

This is the perfect trend for any occasion, and with the proper no-makeup look you’ll look fresh and young during the New Year.


Hair trend for 2015 #3: Mid-length cuts

Although pixie cuts and long hair never go out of style, mid-length haircuts are the perfect alternative for those who can’t make up their minds between both options. Hair that falls just above the shoulders is easy to manipulate and great for any weather.

Blunt cuts are in, but for a more natural looking alternative you can opt for a layered cut and slightly ruffled hair.   


Hair trend for 2015 #2: Splashlighting

Ombré hair was extremely popular last year, but a new trend will give you a great alternative during 2015. Splashlighting is a bold technique with colorists use to make your hair look as if it’s under a constant spotlight by applying a streak of shiny highlights.

If you prefer something a little less eye-catching, then you can try babylights. This technique gives you a flattering look that consists on small highlights around your face to add a natural contouring brightness to your features.


Hair trend for 2015 #1: Cool hues  

Last year, fiery hues were incredibly popular, yet for 2015 cool hues will take center stage. Icy hues of blond, softer reds, and silver, are the most coveted shades for the New Year, and absolutely perfect for this winter.

If you’re daring enough, you can take it one step further with a deep blue shade, either as rainbow highlights or fully dyed hair. It will look great with any complexion!



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