How to stay healthy with a desk job

  • Sol Rivero

As we all know, leading a sedentary life is terrible for our bodies and health, yet most jobs involve sitting behind a desk for hours. Changing your job might prove impossible, but making a few tweaks to your routine can be enough to improve or reduce the health effects of sitting for a long time.

Read on, and discover some great tips on how to stay healthy with a desk job. Whether you’re working from home or at an office, you won’t regret it!


Tip for staying healthy with a desk job #5: Prepare your desk

Sitting or placing your hands on the desk incorrectly can cause major damage to your neck, spine or ligaments. The first step to stay healthy with a desk job is to make sure your environment and workplace are as comfortable as possible.

Start by using a chair that allows you to keep a good posture, place your computer below eye level, and use a wrist mouse pad for support.


Tip for staying healthy with a desk job #4: Stay active outside of your workplace

Working out is essential for keeping a good health, so if your job involves long hours of inactivity it’s important to counteract them with hours of exercise. Make sure to schedule at least 2.5 hours of weekly physical activity -swimming, going to the gym, practicing yoga, etc.- before or after your job.

If you’re too tired for working out, a great option is to include more activity in your daily tasks: take the stairs instead of using the elevator, walk to your workplace instead of using your vehicle, etc. Little changes to your routine will keep you healthy throughout the week.


Tip for staying healthy with a desk job #3: Consume healthy treats

Feeling hungry or thirsty during your working hours? Skip unhealthy snacks to keep your body and heart fit and strong. Keep dried fruits and nuts on your desk, and make sure you consume them instead of fatty alternatives.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated. Keep a bottle of water and herbal teas around, and avoid dehydrating drinks like sodas, coffee and –of course!- alcohol.


Tip for staying healthy with a desk job #2: Take breaks

Relaxation is essential for both your body and mind. To avoid damaging your eyes, suffering from blurred vision or headaches, make sure you look away from your computer for 15 to 20 seconds every 10 to 20 minutes, so your sight remains strong and healthy.

When it comes to your body, make sure you stretch your neck, legs and arms every 50 minutes to evade gathering tension and stiffness.    


Tip for staying healthy with a desk job #1: Keep moving

Small exercises are great for avoiding the negative effects of a sedentary life. Instead of sitting for long hours without stirring, make sure you move your extremities periodically: stand up and visit your coworkers’ desks, move while you talk, use a few minutes for walking during your lunch hours, make small movements with your legs and arms regularly, etc.

If you tend to concentrate a lot in your work, then set up systematic alarms to remind you that you should move around.



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