Beauty hacks to get ready faster

  • Sol Rivero

It’s time to go back to our routine, which means hastily getting ready early in the morning for going to work, school or college. So, how to save time so you don’t have to rush through your routine? Good news is: it’s not impossible!

Today, we give you a few tricks that will help you speedily prepare your makeup or hair for your appointments. Here are some beauty hacks to get ready faster!


Beauty hack to get ready faster #1: Create a staple look

A great way of getting your makeup done quickly and effectively, is to create a staple look that’s easy to achieve. The no-makeup look is popular and great for all occasions, and all you’ll need will be a foundation, a light bronzer and neutral lipstick.

To get ready faster, simply practice during the weekend until you master your staple look. This will help you save time and still look neat.  


Beauty hack to get ready faster #2: Use multi-tasking products

Need to save time without sacrificing your body’s healthy glow? Some products can cover different needs of your body: foundations with moisturizing properties, lipsticks that can work as a blush, a cleansing conditioner, etc.  

These multi-tasking items are great for cutting the time of your beauty routine in half, while still helping you look gorgeous.


Beauty hack to get ready faster #3: Braid your hair the night before

Want your hair to have volume? Curling it every morning can take a lot of time, but getting it ready the night before will help you create natural-looking waves without so much effort. Simply braid your hair and tie it up with a smooth scarf so you don’t damage it, and you’ll have attractive waves in the morning.

Although it’s generally recommended to braid it after showering, keep in mind that your hair is more fragile when it’s wet, so make sure you treat it gently.


Beauty hack to get ready faster #4: Dry your nails with cold water

Need your nails to be done hurriedly before going to work or meeting up with friends? Although there are plenty of fast-drying nail polishes and topcoats in the market, if you’re out of these items you can still get ready fast by submerging your nails in icy water.

Nail polish dries faster in cold temperatures, so right after painting your nails, immerse them on cold water for about three minutes.


Beauty hack to get ready faster #5: Organize your materials

The best way to get ready faster is to plan ahead! Looking through all your different products might take precious time you could be investing in some other activity, so make sure you plan your makeup and your outfits the night before.

Keep your items clean and organized, and you’ll be all set to get your beauty fix swiftly and successfully in the morning.



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