Tips for staying motivated during the New Year

  • Sol Rivero

We’re halfway through the first month of a brand New Year, and as we get back to our routines it’s easy to start slacking, postponing goals, and losing our drive. However, some simple tricks and changes can help you achieve your “new you”.

Here are some essential tips for staying motivated during the New Year!


Tip for staying motivated during the New Year #1: Define what you want and how to get it

The first step for staying properly motivated during the New Year is to define what you’d like to achieve: a new job? A new relationship? Improving your fitness?... Write down your goals, and determine ways you can achieve them: taking classes, sending your CV to new places, meeting new people, etc.

Once you have an idea of what you want to achieve during the New Year, be honest with yourself and focus on those goals you can truly accomplish.     


Tip for staying motivated during the New Year #2: Identify the obstacles

Most of us can easily determine what we want, and have a vague idea of how to achieve it. But when we start planning which steps we’ll take, we forget to keep in mind the problems we might have to face in the process.

Identify your obstacles: money, means, your drive, bad habits, etc. For each possible difficulty, try to think about two or three solutions. By taking into consideration all the spectrum of possibilities, it will be easier to get motivated and start taking the proper actions towards your goals.   


Tip for staying motivated during the New Year #3: Define short-term goals

The key to accomplish a goal is to take small progressive steps towards it. Simply define short-term goals for each day, week and month. Breaking down your goals into smaller actions will help you perceive them as viable, and it will make it easier for you to stay focused, giving you the boost you need to achieve them.


Tip for staying motivated during the New Year #4: Ask for support

Goals are private dreams and desires, and many tend to keep them to themselves. If you need to stay motivated, break out of your shell and share your resolutions with others. A support system made of your closest friends and family members might help you feel better and stronger, and it can be great for when you’re facing an obstacle.

Sharing your goals with others might also help you get companions. Perhaps one of your friends shares your interests and will gladly join you in your quest!  


Tip for staying motivated during the New Year #5: Reward yourself

Have you accomplished one of your goals? Reward yourself afterwards indulging in something you like: a dessert, an activity you love, organizing a meeting with your friends, etc. By congratulating yourself when you achieve a goal, you’ll train your body and mind to seek success.

Make sure you keep a record of your achievements and to share them with your closest pals, so you can stay constantly motivated.  




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