Fashion tips: how to stack your bracelets

  • Sol Rivero

Cute, chic and easy to wear: bracelets are the perfect “it” item for expressing your personality and looking fashionable without too much hassle. A great way of incorporating these accessories to your wardrobe is to follow the layered-bracelets trend.

To help you out, we give you some essential fashion tips that will teach you how to stack your bracelets according to your style. Check them out!


Fashion tips: How to stack your bracelets

The layered-bracelets look has been a very popular trend during the latest seasons. Receiving inspiration from Indian stacked-bangles and adding a bohemian spirit to any outfit, layering bracelets is great for a casual of semi-formal event. But how to achieve it without overdoing it?

These fashion tips will help you stack your bracelets successfully:

  • Step 1 – Consider your outfit: remember that accessories should always complement your outfit. If you’re wearing too many patterns or colors, you can create balance with metallic bracelets. If your outfit is simple or unicolor, then colorful or eye-catching bracelets will look best.
  • Step 2 – Choose a central piece: the key to stack your bracelets successfully is to choose a visually attractive item that will be featured above the rest. This should be the largest or more eye-catching bracelet of the lot.
  • Step 3 – Choose the complements to your central piece: after selecting the item you’ll be featuring, you must pick the rest of the bracelets to complement it. Consider the sizes, materials, textures and colors that will look best next to it, but keep in mind that your central piece must stand out.
  • Step 4 – Place the bracelets on your non-dominant hand: an arm full of bracelets will look great, but it might be very uncomfortable to work with. Can you imagine writing or driving with it? If you don’t want to start taking your bracelets off all the time, simply place them on your non-dominant hand and avoid discomfort altogether.
  • Step 5 – Be creative: if you don’t have experience with layered bracelets, you might begin stacking items with similar hues and materials, but as you gain experience you can start getting creative by mix-matching and trying new things. Just make sure you keep it balanced and make it your own!


How to stack your bracelets according to your style

By now you know the basics of stacking your bracelets and looking chic in the process, but the key to being successful is to convey your own character. Here are some ideas to stack your bracelets according to your style:   


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