Top 6 best free apps for working women

  • Sol Rivero

Jobs, daily chores, kids, friends…working women have too much to do, and too little time to do it! Luckily, technology can help us organize our life and our time, making some of our tasks infinitely easier and less stressful.

To help you out, we’ve listed some of the best free apps for working women that you should definitely add to your phone or tablet. Here’s our top 6!


Best free app for working women #6: Nike + Training Club

With so much work it can be difficult to find the right time to exercise and keep your body healthy. However, with Nike + Training Club, powered by the prestigious athletic wear brand, Nike, is the perfect add for the working woman who also cares about fitness.

With Nike + Training Club you can pick between many workouts with different durations and levels of difficulty, and you can exercise whenever and wherever you want. The app contains instructional videos, tips from prominent trainers, and lets you share your results with your friends.


Best free app for working women #5: Our Groceries Shopping List

Have you ever opened the fridge intending to prepare a meal, and found you’ve run out of one of the most essential ingredients? Being so busy can make you forget what you have available at home, yet Our Groceries Shopping List is a great app for keeping track of what’s in your storage.    

With this app, you can add items from several categories, scan barcodes, place pictures for every product, and the best part is you can synchronize your list with every member of your family that downloads it. Perfect!


Best free app for working women #4: Cookpad Recipes

Thinking about trying a new recipe for you or your family? No time to check out complex cooking books? No problem! With Cookpad Recipes you can surf through meals suggested by ordinary people, follow simple instructions, see others trying the recipe, or even post your own!

You can choose from many different recipes, share them with others, and even discover the nutritional values of each meal.


Best free app for working women #3: CamCard Lite – Business Card R

Every working woman needs to keep track of all her personal and professional acquaintances, but paper cards are both easy to lose, and also increasingly infrequent. With CamCard Lite, you can scan your business cards to your tablet or phone, organize them in different categories, and have the app automatically recognize essential information such as email, phone number, website, etc.

Unfortunately, the free version of the app will only allow you to incorporate 2 cards per week, but it’s still a great way to keep your contacts properly organized.      


Best free app for working women #2: Evernote

Need to advance on your work, or to write a quick list or reminder for yourself? You can use Evernote to create everything: from to-do lists to long essays, and keep them organized with this very handy app, and read them wherever you are.

Evernote is a very complete and diverse app that allows you to save web articles, pictures, or even creating a schedule, and sharing it with others.   


Best free app for working women #1: Goodbudget

Whether you’re living alone or have a large family of your own, controlling your expenses and your budget might be one of the most important duties. With Goodbudget, you can consider your income and keep track of all of your transactions.

Easy to use and with an attractive design, Goodbudget also allows you to share your budget and data with other family members which download the app, making it perfect for controlling your family’s finances.  



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