The amazing health properties of colors

  • Sol Rivero

Color combination is almost an art, and it’s the key to achieving the perfect look. But surrounding yourself from a specific hue can also have incredible consequences, particularly on your health. Something as simple as wearing a bracelet with your favorite hue can help you improve and calm your nerves, and create a peaceful environment.

Today, we take a look at some of the amazing health properties of colors, and tell you what to wear to tackle some of the most common health issues.


The amazing health properties of colors

Feeling blue or stressed? Picking the right hues for your outfit or environment is essential for keeping your mind and body well and strong. Different tones can modify your energy and induce your mind to fight against some everyday problems.

The trick is in the relationship between each color’s frequency, and how its light can affect your body. Each color has a different vibration that can alter your system as it enters the body, stimulating your brain and producing cellular and hormonal changes.  

Here are some of the most common complications and the colors that can help you fight them:

  • Stress: perhaps the most widespread health problem of our time, you can battle stress by incorporating pale hues to your wardrobe and environment. The top colors for calming your nerves are pale blue and pale pink, which have soothing properties and stimulate your nervous system.    
  • Fatigue: if you’re feeling tired, wearing colors like red or violet can help you fight against the drowsiness. These hues modify the blood flow in your body, and are also known for augmenting your levels of adrenaline.
  • Depression: the colors of nature seem to be the best alternatives for providing emotional rest to someone with depression. Bright yellows and greens are particularly effective, since they tend to calm and invigorate people.
  • Digestive problems: some colors have the amazing ability of invigorating certain organs, making them work better and avoiding complications. For poor digestion or problems with the kidneys, colon, liver, etc.; just add stimulating shades of orange and yellow to your ensemble.  
  • Heart or lung problems: to keep your muscles and tissues healthy, make sure you wear antioxidant hues which can improve cell restoration, such as green.
  • Hormonal and glandular problems: to avoid problems with your Endocrine system, the best hues to wear are purple and turquoise.


The amazing health properties of colors – How to use them

Now that you know how to help your body work better with the health properties of colors, then it’s time to add them to your wardrobe and surroundings. Here are some ways of incorporating them to your life:

  1. Incorporate calming hues to your home and workplace so you can guarantee a stress-free environment.
  2. Add energizing colors to your accessories to keep you inspired through your daily routine.
  3. Help your body when you’re feeling under the weather by incorporating the proper colors to your clothing and makeup.
  4. Combine colors with different properties, making sure you create balance by adding only a touch of the strongest or dominant hues.
  5. Remember that colors also play an important part on a healthy and balanced diet, so combine foods with different hues to your meals.  



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