Tricks for losing weight effectively

  • Sol Rivero

January is the Healthy Weight Awareness Month, and since the year has just begun, it’s the perfect time to start working to get a fit and healthier body. Losing extra weight is good for your heart and your overall mental well-being.

Today, we take a look at some essential tricks for losing weight effectively that will work like a charm for getting rid of those pesky extra pounds!


Losing weight effectively: Why to do it

Managing your weight is not only a matter of beauty or fashion. Extra weight is actually dangerous for your overall health, since it increases risks in different health areas. Losing a few pounds can help you reduce the hazard of developing life-threatening diseases such as cancer, heart problems and diabetes.

Weight-loss is also essential for having a sharper and healthier mind. By simply making a few changes to your diet you’ll be improving your life quality, reducing your risk of developing depression, memory problems or feeling stressed.


Tricks for losing weight effectively

Staying slim and fit is all about health benefits, so don’t postpone changing your routine anymore! We’ve all heard about eating smaller portions, healthier foods and exercising regularly, but there are also a few tricks that can help you lose weight effectively and without too much sacrifice:

  • Cheat your stomach: feeling hungry at odd hours? It might be dehydration! Trick your stomach by drinking more water between meals, and adding more water-rich foods to your diet, since they will make you feel fuller.
  • Look at the color blue: did you know blue is unintentionally considered an unnatural color by our brain? Placing the color blue around your eating areas might help you suppress your appetite and cut back on your portions.
  • Trick your eyes: looking at small portions on a large plate can make you feel as if you’re not eating enough. Opt for smaller tableware and trick your eyes into believing you’re consuming more than you really are.
  • Trick your nose: craving some dessert after your meal? Turn on a scented candle while you eat, or sniff some fruits when you’re feeling hungry. This trick can help you deceive your brain into thinking you’re actually eating.
  • Use more seasonings: spicy foods provide flavor without adding more calories to your meal. As these foods spike up your body temperature, you’ll end up burning more calories.    
  • Keep moving: avoid staying still for too long. After eating, wash the dishes, clean your home, walk around to get to the store or your workplace, etc. Staying active will keep your metabolism running and getting rid of extra calories.
  • Brush after every meal: most people agree that the minty flavor of the toothpaste doesn’t mix well with the flavor of regular food. Brushing after having a meal is a great trick for keeping you from keep on eating.



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