Bridal fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2015

  • Sol Rivero

Planning on tying the knot during the warm months? Then it’s time to get ready! Colors, textures, gifts, cakes…preparing for a wedding is a difficult adventure, but there’s nothing more essential than picking the proper wedding dress, since it will set the tone and theme of your ceremony.

To help you out, we tell you all about the best bridal fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2015 you might want to try for your own wedding!


Bridal fashion trend for Spring/Summer 2015 #5: Illusion backs

Although choosing a dress with an impressive front is essential to cause a perfect great impression amongst your guests and family, the fact is most of them will stare at your back during most of the ceremony. For too long designers have forgotten this part of the dress, but luckily not anymore!

During the latest seasons, designers have opted for creating wonderfully detailed backs, and for Spring/Summer 2015 the trend consists in exposing your back with sheer fabrics and delicate floral lace. If you prefer something a little more demure, lace sleeves will also look great without revealing too much.


Bridal fashion trend for Spring/Summer 2015 #4: High collars

If you want to add a touch of timeless elegance to your ensemble, then picking a dress with a high-neck collar is the way to go! Whether it’s in a halter neck or achieved through a high-neck lace cape, this trend is perfect for adding a touch of old-time charm to your overall look.

For a great alternative, check out the off-the-shoulders trends below.


Bridal fashion trend for Spring/Summer 2015 #3: Pearl accents

The Spring/Summer 2015 season relies heavily on old-fashioned glamour, so it’s not surprising that bridal fashion includes the most elegant decoration of all: pearls! Floral embroidery with this material is the main trend for the season, and a great way of adding elegance to your look.

If you dislike embellishments, you can simply modify the trend and just wear a beautiful layered pearl necklace, or a couple of pearl stud earrings to complete your ensemble.   


Bridal fashion trend for Spring/Summer 2015 #2: Tulle and lace

Looking for something that helps you stay fresh and comfortable during the warmest months of the year without wearing an extremely short dress? Then it’s the perfect time for soft materials that can create volume while also looking charming and romantic!

Beautiful layered tulle skirts combined with details in lace and embroidery are perfect for creating an ethereal yet comfortable look without sacrificing elegance despite the heat. It’s the perfect timeless look that will fit any bride, giving her the perfect royal look most women crave for their wedding!


Bridal fashion trend for Spring/Summer 2015 #1: Off-the-shoulders

As we mentioned before, high-neck collars are extremely popular for this season, yet the favorite trend for Spring/Summer is actually the off-the-shoulders look. This is perfect way of adding a wonderfully romantic and feminine look to your wedding dress.

Whether it has a sweetheart-neckline or beautiful low sleeves, the advantage of the off-the-shoulders trend is perfect for adding some texture and movement to your dress, while also centering the attention to your face, giving you the chance of trying an impressive hairstyle paired with a beautiful set of drop earrings.



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