2015 Chinese New Year: The Wooden Goat

  • Sol Rivero

Although most of us have already welcomed 2015 back in January, Chinese folks have the tradition of celebrating the arrival of a new year a little bit later. This year, festivities will take place on February 19, when the first lunar month of 2015 begins.

As you might know by now, each Chinese year is ruled by an animal from the Chinese zodiac as well as an element (metal, fire, water, etc.), and for the 2015 Chinese New Year the ruler will be the Wooden Goat.

Want to learn more about it? Then here are some of the things you certainly should know about this amazing tradition!


Chinese New Year: The Wooden Goat

Since the Chinese zodiac functions yearly, children born from February 19, 2015 to February 7, 2016 will be ruled by the Green Wooden Goat, this year’s sign. This also means people born under the Goat sign in previous years will have a good year ahead of them, as well as those whose signs and elements are compatible with the Goat.



The Wooden Goat:  Personality

The Goat, also known as the Sheep or Ram; is the 8th sign of the Chinese Zodiac. Those born under the Goat sign tend to be dreamers, intellectuals and introverts, and they have surprising artistic abilities, often exceling on any labor which requires craftsmanship and creativity.

However, business is not the Goat’s strength, and their sensitivity can turn them into anxious, indecisive and overly delicate people. Celebrities and artists such as Mark Twain, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts and Claire Danes, are amongst those born under the Goat sign.

The lucky signs for the Goats are:

  • Numbers: 3, 4 and 9
  • Colors: green, red and purple
  • Flowers: the carnation, the primrose and the Alice flower
  • Directions: east, southeast and south

The Wood element represents benevolence, so Wooden Goats tend to be kindhearted people whom love taking care of others around them.  


Compatibility with the Wooden Goat

Want to know if you’ll have a good year under the rule of the Wooden Goat? Then you should probably check out your compatibility with this sign:

  • The most compatible signs: pig, rabbit, horse
  • The least compatible signs: tiger, dog, ox
  • The most compatible elements: wood, fire, metal and earth
  • The least compatible elements: water

Although your luck throughout the year could only be determined considering each day, month and year; you can guess part of your fortune according to your sign and element. If you were born under an incompatible sign or element to that of the Wooden Horse, then -according to popular belief- it’s very likely you’ll have to face a few bumps in the road throughout 2015.   


How to celebrate the Chinese New Year?

In China the New Year is a very important holiday celebrated with a Spring Festival. During these festivities, every place is decorated with good-luck amulets, and people engage in group activities such as dances, family meals and even gift exchanges.

If you’re not Chinese, yet still want to celebrate, you can follow some of these ideas:

  • Decorate your home with goat-shaped or wooden ornaments.
  • Place good-luck ornaments around your house.
  • Dress in red or wear red-colored accessories to protect you against bad luck.
  • Eat good-luck traditional Chinese meals, such as fortune cookies, Chinese dumplings, rice cakes or spring rolls.


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