Top fashion facts from the Oscars

  • Sol Rivero

The most popular awards event of the year will take place this Sunday, when the 87th Academy Awards are finally presented by beloved host Neil Patrick Harris. But, let’s face it, we all watch it for the fashion! This is the one night of the year when celebrities wear the most luxurious and beautiful dresses ever created by the top designers.

Today, we take a look back before this weekend’s ceremony, and tell you the top fashion facts from the Oscars you might not know!


Fashion fact from the Oscars: Who is the costume designer with most Oscar nominations?

Sometimes the best fashion can’t be found directly at the Red Carpet but at the movies themselves. Since 1948, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences began recognizing the hard work of costume designers with a Best Costume Design award.

Talented designers like Irene Sharaff, Chales LeMaire, Jean Louis, Dorothi Jeakins and Collen Atwood, have all been honored with this award throughout the years, yet the costume designer with most Oscar nominations is legendary Edith Head.

Head participated in many films, designed for celebrities such as Mae West, Grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergman and Audrey Hepburn; received 35 nominations throughout her life, and finally won 8 Academy Awards, becoming the designer with most Oscars until today.    


Fashion fact from the Oscars: Who were the first designers to have more impact on the Oscars?

Although the Oscars are known nowadays for being a fashion show on its own, the extravagant ceremony we now recognize is quite different from the initial event held in 1929, when it was only a private dinner with an audience of barely 200 people.

It wasn’t until 1943 when the iconic jeweler Harry Winston began the trend of wearing luxurious accessories at the Red Carpet, as he designed diamond jewelry for actress Jennifer Jones. This game-changing piece forced celebrities to aim higher, and soon afterwards big names from the fashion world were attached to the actresses’ gowns until today.


Fashion fact from the Oscars: What’s the most expensive Oscars jewelry?

What’s a dress without the proper accessory? Beautiful jewelry is a must-have at any Red Carpet, especially during the Oscars, when celebrities should shine brighter than ever, since it’s the most important event for the stars.

With so many diamonds, it’s not surprising that the cost of some of these accessories is unbelievably high. So: what’s the most expensive Oscars jewelry of all times?

The cost of the highest-valued Oscars accessory is $20 million, and it’s probably one of the most well-known pieces of jewelry in the world: it’s the sapphire and blue-diamond necklace inspired by the “Heart of the Ocean” featured in the iconic movie Titanic (1997). The jewel was worn to the ceremony by actress Gloria Stuart, whom played the older version of Rose and was nominated as Best Supporting Actress.   


Fashion fact from the Oscars: What’s the most expensive Oscars dress?

Beautiful flowing gowns are an essential part of the Oscars, and you can find designs for all tastes: from simple unicolor dresses to delicately embroidered ensembles. Yet, have you ever wondered how much one of them could cost? Well, according to the available information, Oscar dresses can be found in a range between a few thousands of dollars to even millions.

So, what’s the most expensive Oscars dress ever?

Surprisingly, it was Jennifer Lawrence’s 2013 Oscars dress. The beautiful strapless rose gown was designed by Dior Couture, and it has an estimated value of more than $4 million. The dress became famous after the actress tripped in it on her way to pick up the award for Best Actress, a tiny accident that actually gave the dress some extra promotion, increasing its value.  




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