Martinuzzi Accessories Presents Fashion Jewelry Collections

  • Rolando Rojas



Miami, FL – Creating a fashionable look can be challenging for even the most stylish individuals. This is why Patricia Martinuzzi originally founded, an online jewelry and accessories store specially targeted to those who are fashion conscious.

According to the company, their fashion collections are the result of interviewing fashion advisers, visiting jewelry expositions, and attending to fashion shows. “We carefully analyze fashion styles from all over the world to find the next new trend,” says Patricia, “our goal is to gather fashionable accessories from all over the world and make them available to our customers.”

Although the company does not reveal what process they use to select which accessories make it into their collection, they state that trends featured on fashion magazines such as Elle and Glamour do influence their selections.

Their new “Spain” and “Serbia” collections, available starting August, include all kind of accessories; all handpicked by their in-house fashion experts.