Classic go-to color combinations

  • Sol Rivero

If you’re struggling to make the items of your closet match, these go-to color combinations might help you out! From the clothes to the accessories, these classic palettes will make you look perfectly glamorous no matter the occasion.




Go-to color combination #3: Red, green and gold

There’s a reason these colors look perfect during the Christmas season, and it’s because they fit perfectly together. Choose red or green as the base of your outfit and add golden accessories to complement it.



Go-to color combination #2: Brown and beige

These shades are very earthy and soft. Properly combined they look absolutely great, but avoid simple accessories when you’re wearing it. Opt for something a little bolder, like a large and eye-catching necklace.



Go-to color combination #1: Black, white and silver

Black looks perfect with almost everything, but when it’s combined with white it’s capable of creating an elegant outfit instantly. Accents in a silver or gray tone complement the ensemble perfectly, but you can also use navy or golden.  



What’s your go-to color combination? Share it in the comments!


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November 21, 2013

Sol Rivero.