How to paint your nails perfectly

  • Sol Rivero

Thinking of giving your hands a makeover? Avoid making a disaster with this guide about how to paint your nails perfectly!


Step #1 for painting your nails: Prepare your fingers

Before painting your nails, use moisturizer cream on your hands and nails and soak the latter on olive oil with lemon juice. Also, use cuticle cream to prepare your nails, but never remove or cut your cuticles. Push them back instead.


Step #2 for painting your nails: Use a basecoat

Applying a strengthening basecoat will keep your nails in top shape, and also protect them from getting stained by the nail polish you’re planning to use. Apply a thin layer before painting your nails.


Step #3 for painting your nails: Apply thin layers of nail polish

Instead of using a thick layer of nail posh, apply three thin coats of color and wipe off the excess with a q-tip or a thin brush soaked with some nail polish remover.  


Step #4 for painting your nails: Place your fingers under ice water

To help your nail polish dry sooner, immerse your fingers in cold water for three minutes and repeat the process. Avoid air fans, for they create bubbles and imperfections in the wet polish.


Ready for painting your nails? What’s your favorite color for the season?


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November 29, 2013

Sol Rivero


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