December’s birthstones: Turquoise, Tanzanite, Topaz and Zircon

  • Sol Rivero

December is here! The birthday boys and girls of this period are extremely lucky: they get to celebrate Christmas and their birthdays all in the same month! Also, December is the only month to have 4 birthstones associated to it: the tanzanite, the zircon, the topaz and the turquoise!

Check out their properties:



December’s birthstones: the Turquoise

The turquoise is the main gem associated with December. This stone ranges from blue to green, and it’s originally from Turkey. It’s believed that this gemstone provides the wearer with happiness, success and prosperity, which is why it was treasured during the Victorian era. Check out our Gardenia statement necklace with turquoise stones.


December’s birthstones: the Tanzanite

This unique gemstone is found only in regions of Tanzania, and it’s treated to obtain shades of blue or violet. Although it’s used as a substitute to the sapphire, it has steadily gained some popularity on its own, and last year it was included in the official list of December birthstones.  


December’s birthstones: the Topaz

Although the topaz is usually presented in yellow shades, the blue topaz is considered one of December’s birthstones. It’s believed to have healing powers and it represents faithfulness and eternal love.


December’s birthstones: the Zircon

The zircon resembles diamonds, and can be found in a range of brown, green, red and golden shades. However, like the Topaz, it’s the blue zircon which is associated with December, and it represents wisdom and health.  


Which of these birthstones is your favorite?


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