3 great Winter fashion gifts for this Christmas

  • Sol Rivero

Looking for something trendy for this Winter to give a friend or loved one this Christmas? Look no further! Today we tell you all about 3 great fashion gifts that will make a perfect present for the upcoming season!


Great Winter fashion gift #3: Knee-high boots

We’ve been seeing them everywhere! Celebrities have wearing them during fall, and it’s a fashion trend likely to last during the winter season. Remember to opt for a classic and season-appropriate color, such as white, black or blue.


Great Winter fashion gift #2: A sweater dress

Sweater dresses have become increasingly popular, and are the latest trend for the cold season. Paired with leggings or stockings, it looks elegant while keeping your special someone comfy and warm. Look for tribal patterns or solid colors such as green, red or earthy shades.


Great Winter fashion gift #1: Metallic jewelry

The upcoming season is all about metallic jewelry, with golden as the main favorite. However, remember Winter means showing less skin, so opt for golden earrings, statement rings or cute brooches.



December 4, 2013

Sol Rivero.


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