DIY Christmas Tree Jewelry Hanger

  • Sol Rivero

Want to give a holiday spin to your bedroom without fully decorating? Check out our Christmas tree jewelry hanger, and organize your accessories while remaining in the jolly spirit of the month!

See the video below and check out the detailed instructions!



Making of the Christmas tree jewelry hanger - Step #1: Create your tree

Draw the shape of a Christmas tree on a fold on paper and cut it. Use it to draw it again on cardboard, and cut two shapes.

Measure the width of the cardboard and use it to draw a slot in each tree so they can fit together. Make one of the slots long, going from the top of the tree to just above the base; and make the other shorter, going from the base of the tree to a little above its’ edge.

Cut them, and then puncture some holes on the cardboard. This will allow you to organize your jewelry. Try to arrange the orifices in the shape of tinsel, or scatter them for a funkier tree.  


Making of the Christmas tree jewelry hanger - Step #2: Decorate your tree

Paint and add glitter or any other detail you wish to both cardboard trees. Do it on both sides, and remember to paint the inside of the orifices. Let everything dry.

Once you’re done, take both trees, and slip the one with the shorter slot inside the slit of the other until they fit and the tree can stand on its’ own.


Making of the Christmas tree jewelry hanger - Step #3: Hang your jewelry

Place your earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more on your tree by using the orifices you created earlier. Get creative and trim your Christmas tree with your accessories!

To add some light, place LED candles –NEVER real candles- near your tree, or hang small fairy lights around it.

Remember to never leave your tree exposed to the sun or wind, so it won’t damage your jewelry.



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December 4, 2013

Sol Rivero.