Tips for being the perfect Secret Santa

  • Sol Rivero

These two weeks are often the right time to exchange gifts at the office or even school for the Secret Santa, a unique opportunity of sharing the Christmas joy. However, many people dread the tradition or are often disappointed by the results, which is why today we’re bringing you some tips for being the perfect Secret Santa, and getting the right gift while avoiding frustration and distress!



Tip for being the perfect Secret Santa #4: Get to know the person

It might happen that you are assigned a complete stranger for the Secret Santa. Don’t see this as an obstacle, but as an opportunity. Ask about them to the people who know them best, see what they wear or what their usual activities are –using large necklaces or scarves, drinking a lot of coffee, placing many pictures on their desk, etc.

This will give you clues on what to get them, but also allow you to get to know them. Who knows? Perhaps you have more in common than you could imagine!


Tip for being the perfect Secret Santa #3: Do something unique

If you can find some creative and affordable gift, then you’ll definitely succeed as a Secret Santa. Artisanal and handmade presents will ensure the uniqueness of the gift, since no matter how many copies are produced from the same pattern, they might share some characteristics, but the results will always be different.

Another way of adding uniqueness to your gift is to enhance it with something creative, such as a quirky wrapping or a funny card.


Tip for being the perfect Secret Santa #2: Give something appropriate

Even if you do know the person to whom you’re the Secret Santa, avoid gifts that are too personal. Even if your work office has a light and healthy environment, something like sexy lingerie or a compromising objects might cause the wrong impression of both you and the recipient. Avoid these sorts of presents, and opt for something thoughtful but appropriate for being shown publicly during the exchange.   


Tip for being the perfect Secret Santa #1: Stick to the budget

A monetary limit for the gifts is a must when playing Secret Santa, but, unsurprisingly, some try to make a great impression by ignoring the budget and buying something much more expensive. Thus, when they receive something cheaper than their own gift, is easy to get disappointed. Avoid this by sticking closely to the budget. The trick is not to be too cheap or a spender. Moderation is good, even during the Secret Santa!


Did you join the Secret Santa frenzy this year?


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December 19, 2013

Sol Rivero.