4 hairstyle ideas for the Holidays

  • Sol Rivero

You’ve got your outfit, accessories, makeup and sparkling items all ready for the Holidays. Now it’s time to start thinking on party hairstyles! Check out our chic ideas, directly from the Winter 2013 fashion runways!


Hairstyle suggestion for the Holidays #4: Old-style glamour

Remember the voluminous hairstyles of past decades? Well, they’re back! Curl your hair starting just above the temple. Add extra volume teasing it with your hands and using hairspray. You can add a headpiece or scarf to make it look even more elegant!



Hairstyle suggestion for the Holidays #3: Messy crown

Tease the hair at the top of your head. Then, proceed to braid the bottom, creating a crown, and secure it safely around your face with pins. Take out some strands to create a slightly messy look, and you’re done.  



Hairstyle suggestion for the Holidays #2: Chic and comfortable

Tie your hair back, just a little below the juncture between your neck and head. Leave a few loose strands around your face, and surprise everyone with some bold makeup.


Hairstyle suggestion for the Holidays #1: Elegant waves

Part your hair to the side and carefully curl the bottom, just a little above your shoulders. Fix it with some spray and let it fall on your back. It’s the perfect modern yet glamorous look!



Which of these hairstyles would you wear to a Holiday party?


Complete your outfit with these suggestions:


December 19, 2013

Sol Rivero.