5 presents you should never give on the Holidays

  • Sol Rivero

We’ve given you three Christmas Gifts Guides this year so you can find the perfect present, but are there things you should never give on the Holidays? Today we answer this question so you can avoid making a good-intentioned mistake this Christmas!



Present you should never give on the Holidays #5: Gifts with a deadline

You would have to know the person’s schedule too well in order to give them something that requires to be received on a very specific time –like classes- or has a defined deadline for being used. Don’t count on someone else’s schedule. Many presents with deadlines go unused because the persons whom received them didn’t have the time to actually get them, so opt for something else instead.



Present you should never give on the Holidays #4: Animals

No matter how much your kids insist on having a puppy or a kitty, don’t give an animal as a present. Most of the animals bought during the Christmas season are abandoned or mistreated later on, since the responsibilities might soon become burdens for the family. If your kids want an animal, take them to a local shelter and make them volunteer for some time. If they prove to be responsible, adopt an animal which can fit into the lifestyle of your family.  



Present you should never give on the Holidays #3: Appliances

It’s very common to give women home appliances to improve the process of cooking or cleaning, or even something that everyone can enjoy –like a TV screen for the living room. The problem is that Christmas presents should be more personal and focus on what the recipient could enjoy on their own, so avoid the cliché of giving a blender or a vacuum cleaner.



Present you should never give on the Holidays #2: Christmas food

Giving Christmas food as a present is a very impersonal gift, especially for someone close to you. Unless you decide to pair it up with a surprise and do something creative–like a box of Christmas cookies hiding a ring at the bottom-, then stay away from this type of presents when it comes to your closest friends and your family.



Present you should never give on the Holidays #1: Self-improvement gifts

If the recipient of the present is a little on the heavy side, has acne or a visible scar, that doesn’t mean you must give him or her a present which makes them feel self-conscious. Even if the person has expressed the desire of losing some pounds or making those pesky pimples disappear, you shouldn’t turn that into a present. It might have a good intention, but it’s not the appropriate way of doing it and it will put them on the spot.

If you want to help, invite them with you to a gym class, share with them your favorite product, or give them some healthy tips. Just don’t make it into a Christmas gift.   



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December 20, 2013

Sol Rivero.