Winter fashion trends 2013

  • Sol Rivero

Winter is officially here! To help you out, we introduce to you the top winter fashion trends for 2013, so you can look stylish during the new season! Check it out:


Winter fashion trend 2013 #5: Floral

Who said the floral print is only for spring? Fashion designers filled the runways with colorful floral patterns and eye-catching gowns. Try this lovely trend for a fun and youthful look.



Winter fashion trend 2013 #4: Lace queen

Inspired in lingerie, some of the outfits showed a very soft and romantic look. Lace was definitely a favorite amongst the designers, as well as in blue and black shades.



Winter fashion trend 2013 #3: Female warriors

For a stronger look, some fashion designers presented a futuristic woman warrior with heavy fabrics and ensembles which resembled armors.



Winter fashion trend 2013 #2: Punk/grunge look                                                                          

The rebellious spirit of the punk movement and the grunge look reappeared on the winter runways, with plaid, leather and studded accessories as the main trend.



Winter fashion trend 2013 #1: Metallic shades

The favorite trend for this winter season are the dresses and outfits with metallic tones: golden or silver sequins, or accessories with these shades, will help you create the look. Vinyl is also an option for adding a shiny touch to your winter outfit.



Which of the winter 2013 trends do you like best?


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December 23, 2013

Sol Rivero.