Color inspiration for your Christmas outfit

  • Sol Rivero

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Celebrate it in style with one of the trendy colors for the Holidays! Check out our color inspiration boards and create a chic outfit for the most special night of the year.


Color inspiration for a Christmas outfit #5: Black

You can never go wrong with black! It’s easily combinable with all of the other color trends, and you can add it through faux fur, faux leather or some black accessories!



Color inspiration for a Christmas outfit #4: Red

One of the favorite shades for the Christmas season, add it to your outfit with a statement necklace, or opt for a full red gown and combine it with green accessories. 


Color inspiration for a Christmas outfit #3: Metallic

The trend for the Holiday season: golden dresses with tribal motifs, golden and silver jewelry, or even makeup in metallic shades… try adding some glamorous metallic tone to your outfit!



Color inspiration for a Christmas outfit #2: Blue

Blue is the official color of December, and this year’s favorite shade was navy blue, as seen on the fall/winter runways. Wear it in gemstones, beautiful accessories or a gorgeous gown!



Color inspiration for a Christmas outfit #1: Emerald

The official Pantone color of the year was emerald. This lovely tone looks perfect during the Christmas season! Combined with red accessories, or worn as beautiful jewelry with a dress in a muted tone, it will look marvelous!



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December 23, 2013

Sol Rivero.