Good deeds you can do on Christmas Day

  • Sol Rivero

Merry Christmas, everyone! It’s time to spread the cheer and good will, and a great way of doing it is through good deeds! This Christmas Day, dare to bring some good into the world with one –or more- of these simple actions:


Good deed to do on Christmas Day #5: Donate money to a local charity

Donating money to charity is always a great option for spreading the good and joy. You don’t have to donate a large amount. Believe or not, any sort of contribution, however small, is always welcomed. To avoid scams, remember to investigate the charity and how they’ll employ your money.


Good deed to do on Christmas Day #4: Visit a lonely person

Perhaps a foreigner, old person, or a quiet person with not that many friends, will appreciate a little bit of company during the Holidays. Pay them a visit and make them feel welcomed and loved. A little gesture of kindness might mean a lot for someone else.


Good deed to do on Christmas Day #3: Do something for the homeless

A direct way of affecting the homeless is by skipping the charities and doing something yourself. Many humans and even animals live on the street. Buy or make some food, get some blankets, or take any sort of comforting item you can to them, and help them with a little compassion and love.


Good deed to do on Christmas Day #2: Donate blood

Donating a small amount of blood is a great way of helping many. If your local hospital is accepting blood donations during the Christmas Day, then consider paying them a visit. You can stuff yourself with cake and cookies later!  


Good deed to do on Christmas Day #1: Volunteer

Donating money helps others make the work of brightening someone else’s life, but what charities and non-profit organizations usually need most of all are helping hands. If you like animals, go to a local shelter and help them out. If you prefer helping homeless people, many churches and shelters will probably need help feeding and attending those who need it. Volunteering is a wonderful gift for the world!


Happy Holidays!


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