Disney Princesses inspired lingerie by Bellemaison

  • Sol Rivero

Disney Princesses have inspired haute couture gowns, wedding dresses, perfumes, makeup, and more. But now the Japanese store Bellemaison has taken it one step further by introducing lingerie for women, inspired by the famous Disney heroines.

There are four brassier-and-undergarment sets available, all of which are based on the iconic gowns worn by the Disney Princesses in their films: Aurora’s pink dress from Sleeping Beauty, Belle’s gorgeous yellow gown from Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella’s blue outfit, and Rapunzel´s lovely ensemble in purple and pink from the movie Tangled; served as inspiration for each set. Details in lace, such as adorable flowers and bows, give the collection a cute romantic and fairytale-like look.  

Although the surprising association of the popular Disney brand for little girls with women’s lingerie might seem a little odd, it’s actually for a very good cause. Like many of the luxurious collections of Disney Princess garments, a fragment of the money will be donated, this time to support the work and research of the Japanese Breast Cancer Society.  


Check out the outfits:


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