How to wear your fashion jewelry if you have allergies

  • Sol Rivero

We’ve told you before how to treat your jewelry allergies, but today we give you tips on how to wear your fashion jewelry, even if you have allergies! These few tricks might help you prevent the usual itchiness and discomfort, allowing you to use your favorite accessories all day long!


Tip for wearing your favorite jewelry if you have allergies #4: Apply a coat of ointment

If you’re using an antibiotic ointment to heal the soreness caused by your fashion jewelry, then this trick will be perfect for you! Instead of applying directly to your skin after wearing your accessories, apply a thin coat of ointment to the part of your jewelry which will touch your skin before wearing it. If you have a mild allergy, this might work perfectly for you, especially if you’re wearing fashion earrings.   


Tip for wearing your favorite jewelry if you have allergies #3: Apply clear nail polish

This is a very popular trick for wearing fashion jewelry without suffering from all the nasty symptoms of an allergy. Just apply a thin coat of clear nail polish on the part of your accessory which will be in contact with your skin, and let it dry for 24 hours before wearing it. Although this is an easy and cheap solution, the disadvantage is that it won’t last for long. Every few days you’ll have to apply a new coat so you can keep wearing it. However, for a temporary solution, it’s perfect.


Tip for wearing your favorite jewelry if you have allergies #2: Tie a ribbon to you necklaces

If you have a fashion jewelry necklace which is causing an allergy on your skin, a great and simple trick is to tie a ribbon to both ends of the necklace and the putting it on. This way the skin of your neck will only be in contact with the ribbon. Complete this with a shirt or a blouse with a high neckline which doesn’t expose much of your skin, so the rest of the necklace won’t be in touch with it in any circumstance.



Tip for wearing your favorite jewelry if you have allergies #1: Use anti-nickel solutions

There are some products out there which create barriers between the metal of your fashion jewelry and your skin, just like clear nail polish but with a more long-lasting effect. From sprays to powders and liquids, these products must be added to your accessories or directly to your skin, and they’ll prevent rashes and itchiness. Most of them are inexpensive, so look around until you find the one that works best on you.   


Remember: if your allergy causes bleeding or a stronger reaction to the ones described in the article, you should get medical attention at once.


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