5 health benefits of apples

  • Sol Rivero

Apples are one of the favorite foods for all seasons. They’re delicious, they can be added to quite a variety of recipes, and they also have plenty of health benefits that make you feel –and look- better! Here are the top 5 benefits which will make you add this healthy fruit to your daily diet.


Health benefit of apples #5: They give your body a boost

Want to remain active throughout the day? Add an apple to your breakfast, or eat it as a snack before working out. Apples provide you with quercetin, which makes oxygen more available for your lungs, thus improving your endurance in physical activities. If you’re not a caffeine-loving person, apples are a healthy and natural solution for your daily energy boost.    


Health benefit of apples #4: They reduce cholesterol

Apples release sugar into your bloodstream and control insulin levels, helping your body cleanse by expelling toxins from it. By controlling and diminishing insulin secretion, this healthy fruit helps lower your cholesterol levels, providing you instead with a great array of nutrients.


Health benefit of apples #3: They help you lose weight

Apples are great snacks, since they make you feel full and contain only between 50 to 90 calories, helping you satisfy your hunger without unhealthy additives or gaining you extra pounds. It also contains pectin and multiple antioxidants which help your body get rid of toxins and fat. Eating an apple before regular meals might help you lose weight, while also acting as the perfect filling snack in-between each food.


Health benefit of apples #2: They make your skin look better

Your skin is a reflection of what you eat, so if you want to enjoy a healthy appearance you should definitely add apples to your diet. This fruits contain vitamin C, A, and copper, which help produce collagen, melanin and contribute to your daily need of nutrients, as well as preventing skin diseases. If you want glowing skin, make sure you drink plenty of water and consume apples regularly.


Health benefit of apples #1: They make your heart healthier

Apples contain multiple antioxidants which not only reduce cholesterol, but also prevent heart inflammation and improve blood circulation. This reduces chances of coronary or cardiovascular diseases, reduce the risk of suffering strokes, and it’s also believed that this healthy fruits can strengthen your heart. Remember to consume the skin of the apple to also receive the nutrients which it contains, and keep your heart as healthy as possible!


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