5 fashion items that look good on everyone

  • Sol Rivero

It’s true. Not everyone can pull off all types of dresses, shoes, shirts, etc. But today we tell you about 5 fashion items which simply look good on everyone, no matter what size, shape or skin color you have! From clothes to accessories, make sure you include these amazing fashion pieces to your closet!


Fashion item that looks good on everyone #5: Trench coats

In black, white, classic beige or any other color, trench coats are the perfect fashion item for every girl and woman, since they work well in any body type, and are great for complementing any outfit during every season. Is it cold outside during fall and winter? Is it slightly cool for a night date during spring or summer? Just add a trench coat on top of a cute dress and you’ll look great!



Fashion item that looks good on everyone #4: Wrap dresses

Diane Von Furstenberg’s iconic wrap dress is the perfect fashion item for any woman, since it flatters all body shapes. If you have curves, this type of dresses will embrace them snugly; and if you don’t, they’ll create the illusion that you’re curvy. Keep one available in your closet for any occasion.  



Fashion item that looks good on everyone #3: Boots

Boots are a must-have fashion item for any woman! From ankle boots to knee-high boots, with high heels or without them… boots turn any outfit into a stylish fashion statement, or create the perfect casual ensemble for a date or a walk at the park.  



Fashion item that looks good on everyone #2: A white button-down

Don’t know what to wear? Just throw on a white button-down blouse and pair it with black dress pants for an elegant outfit, or snug jeans for a laidback look. The white button-down is a fashion staple which you can combine with almost everything. If you need to create a last-minute outfit for an unexpected meeting, having a white button-down around might save your life!



Fashion item that looks good on everyone #1: Rose-gold jewelry

Jewelry is the perfect complement for any outfit, and it fits any kind of body shape. However, not everyone looks great on all kinds of jewelry, unless it has a rose-golden tone. This shade looks perfect with any skin tone, so just add a couple of floral rose-golden earrings or a beautiful cuff bracelet to create a gorgeous outfit!


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