Best lipstick colors for your skin tone

  • Sol Rivero

Have you bought a beautiful shade of lipstick only to find that it doesn’t look good on you? Well, out guide on which are the best lipstick colors for your skin tone will definitely help you out. From daily shades to bold colors for a night out, learn how to choose the best shade for your skin!


Best lipstick colors for fair skin tones

If you’re very pale and have pink shades on your skin, then you have a fair skin tone. The great thing about really pale skin is that almost all shades of lipstick will make you stand out. However, opt for tones which bring out the natural pink undertones of your skin:

  • For a day look: opt for soft pinks.
  • For a night look: surprise everyone with a playful shade of red, such as cherry or berry colors; or a bold mauve or wine shade.



Best lipstick colors for beige skin tones

If you have light or slightly tanned skin with yellow or golden undertones, then you have a medium or beige skin tone. Your skin will look great with warm shades which will bring out your naturally golden tones. Use clear shades which contain yellow undertones.

  • For a day look: opt for a coral lipstick or a nude tone with a little golden tint.
  • For a night look: go for lipstick with orange tones or truly dark colors such as blackberry and black.



Best lipstick colors for olive skin tones

If your skin has yellow tints with blue and green undertones, then you have an olive skin tone. Look for vibrant shades of lipstick with blue and orange tints so it will stand out against the tone of your skin.

  • For a day look: opt for nude tones with orange shades or a playful pink.
  • For a night look: try a bold dark purple or a deep red with golden shades.



Best lipstick colors for bronze skin tones

If you have dark colored skin with beautiful golden tints, then you have a bronze skin tone. To look good, girls with bronze skin tones must go with extreme shades of lipstick: or completely nude, or a really bold tone.

  • For a day look: opt for a really soft nude or coral.
  • For a night look: use red, pink or cranberry lipstick with golden undertones.



Best lipstick colors for dark skin tones

Dark skin usually has orange or red undertones in it, so play with it by daring to use bold colors in red, mauves or playful shades.

  • For a day look: use a soft shade of pink or mauve.
  • For a night look: use a vibrant red with orange or fruity undertones, or a flirty dark purple for a very unique look.



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