Picking the perfect perfume for each season

  • Sol Rivero

Going on a shopping trip? If you’re thinking of trying a new fragrance then these tips for picking the perfect perfume for each season might help you choose the most flattering complement for your outfit. Since the weather conditions change from spring to winter, altering your body, the way your perfume smells and how long it lasts will vary. Check out these tips, and learn everything you need to know about how to match aromas with each season.


Picking the perfect perfume for winter

The cold weather makes your skin dry, thus making your perfume last for a considerably less amount of time. Also, you’re forced to wear more layers of clothes, making the scent of your fragrance even more remote. Look for a scent with a highly concentrated mix, like an Eau de Parfum or a full perfume. Try smells from the Spicy/Oriental family to add some warmth onto the cool season. Cinnamon and vanilla are amongst the perfect scents for winter.  



Picking the perfect perfume for spring  

Warmth and color begin to resurface, so add the joyful spring mood to your perfume selection. Opt for sweet and light fragrances from the Floral family: smells such as lavender, violet, rose and lily, are perfect for the spring season. An Eau de Cologne or an Eau de Toilette have lovely soft scents which are wonderful for a daily use.    


Picking the perfect perfume for summer

During summer, scents intensify due to the heat. Sweet fragrances from the Floral family, or bold aromas from the Fresh Fruity/Citrus category are perfect for the season. Try light perfumes for the day, like an Eau de Cologne, or a stronger scent, like an Eau de Parfum, for the night. Apple, grapefruit, orange and peach are amongst the most popular aromas for the summertime.



Picking the perfect perfume for fall

With fall, temperatures drop and we begin covering up more with thick coats which hide our fragrances. Outside, leaves take orange, red and brown shades, so sensual and earthy scents from the Spicy and Woody categories are perfect for capturing the spirit of the season. Look for strong perfumes with ingredients such as sandalwood or jasmine.  


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