Ever wondered how to create the perfect office-appropriate outfit? Today we bring you a list of 5 work-wear fashion essentials every woman should own, so you can look elegant and give a good impression at your workplace!   


Work-wear fashion essential every woman should own #5: Pencil skirt

Is an important meeting coming up soon at your office? You can create the perfect feminine and glamorous outfit by combining an elegant pencil skirt with a cute blouse and a comfy blazer. This fashion piece is also perfect for going out with your pals after a hard day of work. Just drop the blazer, wear a striking shade of lipstick and add some statement accessories, and you’ll be ready for a night of well-deserved fun.


Work-wear fashion essential every woman should own #4: Black dress pants

This essential fashion item is a classic staple for any working woman. Some well-tailored, pressed black dress pants can turn any outfit into an elegant ensemble. They can also be combined with a blouse of any color or bold prints in case you wish to create something really unique, and they’re perfect for any occasion: from a meeting with your boss, to a normal day of work.


Work-wear fashion essential every woman should own #3: White blouse

White silk blouses are perfect fashion essentials for giving the impression of effortless elegance. Just like the black dress pants, they can be combined with almost anything, from printed to muted items, and they make you look impeccable and fresh. Dress it up with beautiful metallic accessories, or turn it into a fun statement with a cute printed scarf or a colorful tweed blazer.


Photos from Pinterest user Tote B.


Work-wear fashion essential every woman should own #2: Stud earrings

If your job involves writing all day, then wearing rings or bracelets can be uncomfortable. Also, not every outfit would look good with a necklace, and sometimes drop earrings can seem a little too informal. However, cute stud earrings are always the perfect complement for any office ensemble. From simple pearl earrings to sparkly studs, this is a fashion essential you must have in your jewelry box.


Work-wear fashion essential every woman should own #1: Jacket or blazer

Nothing says work-wear like a beautiful, fitted jacket! Even if you don’t own any of the pieces we’ve mentioned before, a nice blazer in a muted tone can turn a casual attire into an office-appropriate ensemble. Black, white and khaki are always great shades, but you can also experiment with pastels, geo prints, embroidery or a cute brooch if you’re looking for something a little more creative.


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