Top 7 90’s fashion trends making a comeback for Spring 2014

  • Sol Rivero

You must know it by know: the 90’s are back in fashion! Victoria Beckham, DKNY and Alexander Wang are amongst the designers inspired by the teenage-angst-ridden decade, and some of its most popular fashion trends are making a comeback for Spring 2014! Check out the top 7 fashion trends from the 90’s you’ll be seeing everywhere during the next season!


90’s fashion trend making a comeback #7: Crop tops

Remember those odd shirts which displayed your bellybutton? Well, they’re back! Crop tops made it into the Spring/Summer runways of 2014, and even managed to find themselves at the Haute Couture collections of some of the designers. Many celebrities are already adopting the trend, so if it flatters your body then it’s definitely a must-have for the next season.


90’s fashion trend making a comeback #6: Pastels and floral prints

Pastel colors and the nature-loving look achieved through floral prints were two of the late 90’s most popular fashion trends. The catwalks for Spring/Summer 2014 have revived it, with outfits in pastel or bright neon shades, and quite an obsession for floral patterns everywhere!


90’s fashion trend making a comeback #5: Grunge

What embodies the teen spirit of the 90’s better than the grunge look? Oversized flannel shirts, sweaters, loose pants, unkempt hair, red lipstick and blurry eye-shadow, were the favorites of the 90’s ladies, and they’re definitely returning with a more glamorous spin for Spring/Summer 2014.


90’s fashion trend making a comeback #4: Large logos

While teenagers opted for a very generic wardrobe, the main brands and designers offered their clients a touch of luxury through shirts and dresses which sported their logos proudly, as a way of showing their costumer’s financial power, and the trend is officially back for the next season.


90’s fashion trend making a comeback #3: Slip dresses

Inspired by the romantic –and casual- look of lingerie, cute slip dresses have been reappearing at the main Red Carpets and fashion runways of the world. Paired with an oversized coat for spring, or simply adorned with the right accessories for the summer, this is the perfect trend to fight off the heat of the warm months this 2014.


90’s fashion trend making a comeback #2: Minimalistic accessories

Abandoning the extravagant look of the 80’s, the next decade opted for simplified accessories, such as cute metallic pendants, lovely chokers, leather bracelets, and colorful small earrings. The trend returns for Spring/Summer 2014, and it’s all about youthful simplicity and plain fun!


90’s fashion trend making a comeback #1: All denim

Denim jackets, denim trousers, denim dresses, denim overalls… yes, denim is back! –but, luckily, not in full-denim outfits! Combine it with faux leather for a risky look, or place a denim blazer over a cute floral dress for something chic and fun. This Spring/Summer 2014, dust-off your denim pieces and wear them proudly!


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