6 daily habits that are bad for your skin

  • Sol Rivero

Do you clean and moisturize daily? It might not be enough to keep your skin healthy! These 6 seemingly innocent daily habits are bad for you and your skin! Check them out and try to avoid them from now on!


Daily habit that is bad for your skin #6: Eating too many sweets or caffeine

Love a pastry and a nice warm mocha for breakfast? Unfortunately, overindulging on tasty sugary snacks or too much coffee can -and will- damage your skin. Sugar has effects on your skin’s collagen and its’ elasticity, while too much caffeine produces dehydration. Thus, both combined can create wrinkles and give your skin a dull appearance. You should also avoid indulging in too much alcohol or too much salt, since they both affect your skin by aging it.


Daily habit that is bad for your skin #5: Leaving your makeup on for too long

Cleaning your face right after getting home from work or finishing a long gym session is the best way to keep your skin healthy. Leaving your makeup or sweat on your face for too long means your skin is in contact with damaging bacteria, which produces wrinkles and breakouts of acne. Always remember to clean your face thoroughly with a proper wipe, and soft cleansers.


Daily habit that is bad for your skin #4: Not wearing sunscreen

Even if you’re not exposed to the sun for too long, wearing sunscreen is a must to keep your skin healthy and protected from cancer. Don’t forget to add it into your morning routine, even during the cold months, and always apply it thoroughly on all your skin, including your ears, neck, hairline and jawline.  


Daily habit that is bad for your skin #3: Being stressed

Stress is awfully bad for your health, including your skin. The hormones your body releases when you’re under a lot of stress can deprive your skin from nutrients by constricting your blood vessels, while also producing a large amount of cortisol, which can make your tissues thinner. Stress delays healing and affects your immunity, making you prone to all kind of skin diseases. Try breathing exercises, hobbies and physical activities which will improve your mood and help you by providing a distraction.


Daily habit that is bad for your skin #2: Touching your blemishes

Yes, having a pimple or a blemish on your face can be quite annoying, and a basic human instinct is to touch it repeatedly to check if it’s still there, or try to get rid of it by squeezing or prodding it. However, touching it too often puts it in contact with the bacteria on your hands, and can also cause inflammation or even discoloration. Let your face heal on its own, and don’t try to get rid of them by washing your skin with harsh chemicals or overcleansing, since this will do more damage than good.


Daily habit that is bad for your skin #1: Sleeping poorly

Used to sleep less than 7 or 8 hours a day? Well, this common habit might be damaging your skin. While you sleep, your body produces anti-inflammatory molecules which help soothe your tissues and heal them from all your daily stress, while sleeping poorly makes your skin look dull and produces expression lines. Try to get a little bit more sleep and change your pillowcase regularly, since it stores bacteria which is in contact with your skin as you sleep.


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