Fashion tips for matching jewelry and nail polish

  • Sol Rivero

Do you like your outfit to match with everything you’re wearing? Nail polish is steadily becoming a popular accessory, so if you’re thinking of making it match your jewelry, then you should definitely take into consideration these few fashion tips!


Fashion tip for matching jewelry and nail polish #3: Choose your statement piece

To begin with, you must consider both jewelry and nail polish as different and separate accessories which will complement your outfit. As such, you can either match them, making them complete each other; or you can opt for making one of them stand out. Always choose which one of them will be your statement piece: you can wear nails with a bold pattern and combine them with a bracelet in muted tones, or, instead, wear a daring and colorful ring with nails in a flat hue, such as black or white.

Make sure you create a balance between your eye-catching tones and the complementary hues. Dare to combine and make one stand out more.



Fashion tip for matching jewelry and nail polish #2: Consider the patterns

If you want something truly unique, you can make the pattern of your nail art match the type of accessory you’re wearing: for example, matching floral nail art with a floral bracelet, or a bold animal print design with a similar accessory. It’s a harder look to pull off, but if you can make it work it will look spectacular.

However, mixing patterns can sometimes look a little over the top, and considering the mixed prints trends, if you combine it with accessories and nails with different designs, your outfit might look like a costume.



Fashion tip for matching jewelry and nail polish #1: Consider your skin tone

As we’ve mentioned in other articles, not every hue looks good in all skin tones, so it’s very important to keep that in mind when trying a new nail polish and selecting your accessories. If your skin has golden undertones, then yellow, orange and hues with golden tints will certainly look great on you; while red, purple and pink will look better on people with a cool skin tone.

Try wearing the jewelry and nail polishes that work best on your skin by accentuating your features, or simply add a little rose gold to your accessories or nail art for a safe choice.



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