Valentine’s Day 2014 - Gift Guide: presents for her

  • Sol Rivero

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and today we bring you a small gift guide with a few great ideas for making your girlfriend or wife feel special. Check out our suggestions, and find the best present for her!


Valentine’s Day 2014 – Gift Idea #10: A framed picture or artwork

Does your special lady have a thing for taking lots of pictures and collecting memories? If so, a framed photo or a collage of several pictures of the two of you might be a sweet gesture she’ll appreciate. If she is more on the artistic side, then try to print her favorite work of art, poster or photography, and find a cool frame to go with it. She’ll be able to hang it around her bedroom or office and think of you.


Valentine’s Day 2014 – Gift Idea #9: A perfume for spring

Spring is coming soon! Help your girlfriend get ready for the season with a sweet new scent. Opt for an Eau with a soft floral or fruity aroma to match the spring mood. You can also give her a new bottle of her favorite perfume. Ask her furtively what she’s wearing when you go out with her, or check out her boudoir to see the names of her favorite scents.


Valentine’s Day 2014 – Gift Idea #8: An instant camera

If you have an artsy partner, or someone who enjoys collecting pictures of her friends and family, then a brand new instant camera might be a great gift for her. This type of cameras is getting increasingly popular, especially amongst people who appreciate vintage paraphernalia. Complete the gift with a cute photo album or a pin board, and she’ll have a unique present for taking and showing pictures.


Valentine’s Day 2014 – Gift Idea #7: A cocktail dress

Does your special lady love clothes and looking great? Then she’ll probably adore a new cocktail dress, since they are perfect for almost any occasion. Get her a cute dress in her favorite color, or opt for one of the hues of the next season: soft blue, sand, orange, navy, or radiant orchid, are amongst the trendy shades that will make her look gorgeous and chic.


Valentine’s Day 2014 – Gift Idea #6: A cuff bracelet

Accessories are great for improving an outfit, and cuff bracelets have been the favorites of many celebrities during the past few Red Carpets. Help your lady feel royal and elegant by giving her a gorgeous metallic cuff with a floral filigree, a bracelet in a trendy gunmetal hue with rhinestones, or a colorful beaded cuff bracelet.


Valentine’s Day 2014 – Gift Idea #5: A book of love poems

Is your partner a hopeless romantic or an avid reader? Then a book of love poems or sonnets is a classic thoughtful gift for Valentine’s Day she’ll surely appreciate. Look around at your local bookstores, and try to find the perfect book of love poems for her. Don’t go with the first thing you find! Take the time to select a book which embodies everything you feel for her, and show her your favorite. It will make the gift extra special.  


Valentine’s Day 2014 – Gift Idea #4: A beautiful coat

A coat is a perfect fashion piece which a woman can wear at almost any time of the year. Select something elegant and chic, such as a dress coat or an overcoat, and opt for muted tones such as black, beige or white so she can combine it with anything. If she already has one of these, then pick something a little bolder, like a coat in pink or cobalt blue. 


Valentine’s Day 2014 – Gift Idea #3: A statement necklace

If your girlfriend or wife loves jewelry, then it’s very likely she’ll know all the pros about having a few statement necklaces in her jewelry box. These fashion items are perfect for giving a simple outfit that extra something it needs. For this Valentine’s Day, try a gorgeous chain necklace in metallic tones, or an elegant statement necklace with the color of the year.


Valentine’s Day 2014 – Gift Idea #2: A fun romantic date

One of the best ways of showing her how much you care is by engaging in an activity she loves, even when you’re not that into it. For Valentine’s Day, take her out on a fun romantic date consisting in doing things she enjoys: going to the movies, going to the amusement park, taking a cooking class…Show her how much you know her and value her likes.


Valentine’s Day 2014 – Gift Idea #1: Rose-gold jewelry

Every girl and woman loves accessories which let her personality shine through. Since metallic jewelry is the favorite for this spring, opt for pieces in rose-gold hues, since they look great in any skin tone. Pick some classic rose-gold hoop earrings, drop earrings with a floral filigree, or simply opt for showing her your love with a cute heart-shaped pendant necklace in a rose-gold tone.  


Create the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her with our tips!


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