How to create the perfect outfit for exercising outside during winter

  • Sol Rivero

We still have some weeks of cold winter left, so if you’re fond of exercising outside,these tips on how to create the perfect sportswear outfit are for you! Keep warm and fashionable by selecting the best pieces.


Tip for creating the perfect outfit for exercising outside during winter #3: Wear three layers of clothes

If you’re considering exercising outside during the cold winter weather, it’s very important to take enough precautions so you can keep your body dry and warm. To achieve this, you must wear three layers of clothes:

  • The 1st layer should consist on a thin, wicking material which removes the sweat from your body. Polypropylene and polyester are great options, but avoid cotton, since it captures the sweat and stays wet against your skin.
  • The 2nd layer should be looser fitting than the former, and it must provide you with enough insulation. Select materials such as polyester, synthetic blends or fleece. Keep in mind that if you have a lean body you’ll need more insulation than someone heavier.    
  • The 3rd and final layer should consist of pieces which protect you against the cold wind. Since this is the outer layer of your outfit, try to personalize it by choosing a bold color or print. The preferred material for this level of clothing is Gore-Tex, as well as similar breathable textiles.

If you feel too warm during your workout, then you can easily remove the outer layer. However, you should always avoid letting your body chill and then warming it up again, since this can make your body extremely vulnerable to the cold.   


Tip for creating the perfect outfit for exercising outside during winter #2: Use reflective garments

Who said an outfit for exercising has to be boring? Most designers opt for bright, fluorescent colors for their sportswear collections, and this serves a very important purpose. In most places the days and nights get darker, and if you’re exercising outside this might make you harder to spot. Nowadays, many sportswear pieces contain reflective materials, but if you want something edgier then stick to light-colored clothes or go wild with vibrant neon hues.    


Tip for creating the perfect outfit for exercising outside during winter #1: Protect your face and hands

When going outside for a workout during winter, it’s very important to protect all parts of your skin, including your face, ears, neck and hands, which are vulnerable of getting frostbitten by the cold wind. A perfect way of both accessorizing your outfit and keeping yourself warm, is to wear gloves, hats, scarves, and sometimes even sunglasses, to protect as much of your skin as possible. Opt for complements with bright colors and fun patterns, and remember to wear wind-blocking fabrics.

If needed, wear layers of mittens or socks, always starting with a thin and breathable inner layer, and a thicker piece on the outside. Also, don’t forget to protect your hair by pulling it up in a bun or hiding it under a hat.


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