3 essential tips for organizing your closet

  • Sol Rivero

Giving a makeover to your bedroom can be quite a boring chore, but today we help you out by giving you 3 essentials tips for organizing your closet effectively! Keep your things tidy and spotless in just a few steps.


Tip for organizing your closet #3: Clear it out

The first step to tidy up your closet is to take everything out: clothes, bags, accessories, shoes…Clear out your closet and begin organizing it from the outside. Distribute everything into piles progressively:

1) Start by distributing your items according to the seasons they belong to: fall, winter, spring, summer;

2) Then, distribute them again according to the type of clothes or accessories: put dresses, sweaters, shirts, necklaces, bracelets, etc.; in different piles;

3) Next, organize the smaller piles according to colors, going from warm hues –yellow, orange, red- to cool shades –blue, purple, black, etc.;

4) Finally, create another pile where you place every item that doesn’t fit you or you don’t want anymore. Don’t store things you’re not wearing, for they create a clutter. Choose to donate them, sell them or simply give them away.



Tip for organizing your closet #2: Prepare for the season

Now that everything’s in piles, take a few boxes, drawers or foldable organizers made of breathable fabric, and place the items that don’t belong to the ongoing season inside. Fold everything carefully and store it according to the type of garment. Write down on a paper what each box contains, and stick on top of it. Then, grab a sticker, write the name of the season, and place in the side part of the organizer.

Put everything on the top shelf of your closet or under your bed, making sure you can see the tag with the season’s name when you stand in front of it.


Tip for organizing your closet #1: Separate accessories from clothes

Once the season’s items are all that’s left, separate the accessories –jewelry, bags- from the garments –shirts, skirts, dresses- and the shoes. These items should be stored and treated differently according to their materials and purpose:

  • For storing scarves, use small clear plastic boxes which you can place on a shelf;
  • Bracelets, necklaces and other small accessories should be placed on a jewelry hanger, or inside a jewelry box, using small silk bags to protect them individually;
  • Bags should never be folded since this makes them lose shape, so use stackable organizers or place them on shelves instead. If they’re heavy or are made of slightly sturdy materials, use hangers to arrange them inside the closet;
  • Shoes should either be displayed by color and type at the bottom of the closet, or stored away in shoe organizers, which can be hanged inside the closet, behind the door, or placed under the bed;
  • Sweaters, shirts, t-shirts and any garment which weights a lot –jackets, coats-, should be folded and placed on shelves, since many hangers can make them lose their shape after a while;
  • If your dresses or blouses have embellishments or lace, then hang them inside out to avoid entanglements which can damage the items;
  • Hang the rest of the items from the ones with the smaller size to the largest.

Don’t forget to place everything by color –from lighter to darker- so you can always have a clear view of everything you own. This will help you plan your outfits and get ready faster!


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