What to eat after a workout: the best –and worst- foods

  • Sol Rivero

To help your muscles get back in shape after an intense workout, it’s always very important to eat after an exercising session. But there are good and bad foods that can either damage your progress or boost it up, which is why today we tell you all about the best and worst foods you can have after your workout.


What to eat after a workout: the best foods

From 15 to 30 minutes after your workout session, it’s very important to take the time and consume a small meal to help your muscles recover and regain enough energy for the rest of the day. Here are five of the best foods you can eat to help this process:


Sweet potatoes

After a workout session, a plate of sweet potatoes will give you all the elements your body needs to recover quickly: it contains carbohydrates, magnesium, potassium and an array of nutrients and vitamins, such as vitamins B6, C and D.


Wholegrain cereals

Proteins and carbohydrates are a must after a long workout session. Fortunately, wholegrain cereals contain healthy amounts of both, as well as vitamins and minerals which help your body heal faster. You can also complement it with fruits, milk or yogurt to obtain extra proteins and nutrients.


Dried fruits and nuts

A healthy post-workout meal you can pack and carry with you easily, is a small bag of dried fruits and nuts. Nuts contain enough protein and healthy fats to fill your daily dose, and dried fruits give you a good amount of carbs to help your body repair your muscles.




Another great and simple option for repairing your muscles almost instantly, is to eat a banana. This healthy fruit will give you carbohydrates, potassium, protein, fiber and no cholesterol, making it one of the most ideal meals for after your exercising session.


Protein shakes or smoothies

It’s commonly known that liquid foods are easier to digest, which is why protein shakes and smoothies are great ways to give your body the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins and amino acids it needs.  Before leaving your home, create a healthy beverage and take it with you so you can enjoy it after your workout.


What not to eat after a workout: the worst foods

What you eat after a workout is very important, and it could either damage your progress or contribute to make your body healthier. These are the top 5 foods you should avoid eating right after finishing your exercise:


Sugary foods

Foods and beverages with sugar, such as pastries, sodas, chocolates, etc.; contain a large quantity of calories which will spoil the results of your exercise, as sugar slows down your metabolism. For a healthier option, opt for orange juice and naturally-sweet fruits instead.


Salty foods

Just like sugary foods, salty snacks usually contain high amounts of calories, and they also collaborate in your dehydration. To replenish the potassium you lost during your workout, eat bananas and fruits, and consume a lot of water.


Low-carb foods

Too many carbohydrates will definitely affect the results of your workout, but too little of them will also be bad for your body. After a workout, avoid salads of raw vegetables or any a meal with few calories, and opt for a healthy alternative which contains a good amount of carbs, proteins and nutrients.


Fatty foods

Junk food, fried food and any meal which contains an unhealthy amount of calories, are definitely the worst choices for an after-workout snack. These foods will not only provide you with too many carbs, but also increase the levels of cholesterol. Opt for nuts or cereals instead.



Energy bars

Although it might surprise many, energy bars are not meant to be eaten after a workout. Since they contain a lot of sugar and lower your metabolism, these meals will probably boost up your energy at the cost of producing more fats. Avoid them altogether and opt for bananas or sweet potatoes instead.



Remember to always drink a lot of water after your workout!


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