March’s birthstone: the Aquamarine

  • Sol Rivero

It’s March! It’s time to get a look at the new month’s official birthstone: the pale and beautiful aquamarine. The name of this lovely gemstone derives from the words aqua, meaning water, and mare or marina, which means sea, as a reference to its blue color. This stone can be found in regions of Brazil, Nigeria, Zambia, Madagascar, Ukraine, Pakistan, Mozambique, Colombia, Russia, India and the United States.

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March’s birthstone: what does the Aquamarine represent?

March’s gemstone, the Aquamarine, is a beautiful crystal which ranges between a baby blue color to a blue-green hue. This tone made Greek and Roman cultures link the gem with Poseidon, the god of the Sea. This connection turned the aquamarine into one of the favorite talismans for sailors, whom engraved the stone with pictures of the god, and hoped it would grant them safe trips at the sea by protecting them from monsters and other dangers of the sea.

The Romans also believed the aquamarine had healing properties, making it perfect for curing diseases of the stomach or throat; while the Egyptians placed them on tombs to ensure a safe trip into the afterlife.

It’s also popularly related to fidelity, balance, friendships and youth.


What is the Aquamarine used for?

According to the Victorian birthstone poem, the aquamarine attracts happiness and love to its wearer. It states:


A March born shall always be
soothed by Aqua, gem of the sea.
This mermaid’s treasured stone you wear
will bring happiness, love, affection and care


Other cultures continued relating the aquamarine with curative powers, and it was popularly believed that placing the gemstone on water gave it healing properties for illnesses of the heart, liver and stomach. It was also believed to be effective against stress, help with communication problems, and aid in fortune telling.


March’s second birthstone: the Bloodstone

Some months have alternative official birthstones, and that’s the case of March. If you’re not into the pale blue color of the aquamarine, you can always opt for the green-red Bloodstone. This gem can be found mainly in Australia, Brazil and India. Like the aquamarine, it was believed to have healing powers, especially when it came to diseases of the blood or wounds.

According to the Christian myth, the gemstone was born from the blood spilled by Christ when he was pierced by a spear, which is why it’s a popular favorite for carving religious objects.


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