Trendy hairstyles and haircuts for 2014

  • Sol Rivero

Wondering how to give your hair a change this year? Check out our favorite trendy hairstyles and haircuts for 2014 based on the Spring/Summer runways. As the new season approaches, dare to give your image a new spin!


Trendy hairstyles for 2014

For a day or night look, you can always take the chance to create a unique outfit by experimenting with a new hairstyle. Here are the top trendy Spring/Summer hairstyles seen at the fashion runways:


Slicked down hair

Flat or messy hair has been popular during the latest fashion runways. For the Spring/Summer season, the slicked down trend will give your hair a wet look: part your hair to the side, take a good amount of gel, and let it fall flat around your shoulders. A great alternative for creating a more voluminous hairstyle, you can use your fingers for twisting your hair and building wavy locks. It’s perfect for a laidback look.


Messy up-dos

Forget about elaborate buns or complicated French wraps. For the new season, opt for up-dos which look a little messier and fun. Tie your hair back, twist it around a few times leaving some locks out and hold it with pins. It’s perfect for a lazy and elegant look.


Low ponytail

A very popular hairstyle for the new season consists in simply tying your hair back and letting if fall on your back in a low ponytail. This perfect and relaxed look is easy to pull off and it won’t take too much time to create.  



The 50’s quiff hairstyle is back! This unique look consists on wearing your hair short, sweeping it to one side of your head, and then giving it a twist at the front. This grunge-rock style is the perfect complement for the boyish trend that’s been so popular during the latest runways, so make sure you give it a try.    



Trendy haircuts for 2014

If you prefer to change your appearance with something a little more permanent, then it’s time to consider a brand new haircut. Here are the trendy trims for 2014:



The perfect way to frame your face is by adding a complementing fringe to your hair. We saw some unique short bangs at the fashion runways from the Spring/Summer season, but if you prefer something a little less eye-catching, you can always opt for a long fringe and simply part it to the side. It will definitely look great.


Medium haircuts

Extremely long haircuts are out for the new season. For this year’s Spring/Summer, it’s all about relaxing with a simple yet cute haircut. Medium-length haircuts are the latest trend, so if you’re looking for comfort and something easy to style, this is your best choice, with texturized bobs as the favorites.


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