Guide: the best jeans for your body type

  • Sol Rivero

A good pair of jeans can help you create any sort of outfit: from a comfortable and casual ensemble, to a sophisticated nighttime look. But it all depends on what kind of jeans you pick, which is why today we bring you the perfect guide to help you select the best jeans for your body type.

Check out these fashion tips and learn how to look comfortable and chic:


The best jeans for tall women

Are you tall and lean? Then luckily for you, you’ll look good in any type of jean: short, dark, washed-out...etc. However, if you’re a little too much on the lean side, tight jeans might make you look even skinnier and make you lose your shape. To avoid this, try slightly baggy jeans in pale colors to create the illusion of volume. Combine it with a fitted blouse, and you’ll look absolutely great.

If you’re tall but have wide hips, then the best jeans for your body type are those with pockets on the front and a wide bottom hem to create balance. If, on the other hand, you have wide tights and legs, wear fitted jeans in dark colors and opt for tea-length bottom hems which expose your ankles and part of your calves.


The best jeans for short women

Short women might struggle a little more to find the best jeans for their body type, especially if they’re curvy, since most of the time the jeans available on the market will be too long for them. If you’re a short and lean gal, don’t be afraid to wear long jeans and combine them with high heels in contrasting colors. Roll the bottom hems or let your shoes be partially covered by the fabric. The sneaky-peek effect will make it look chic.

If you’re short and curvy, you can also roll up the bottom hems and combine them with heels for a chic effect. However, make sure you stay away from pale or washed-out colors. Opt for jeans in dark hues and pair them with shoes in the same color: it will create the illusion of length, making you look leaner and taller.


The best jeans for curvy women

An upside of wearing jeans is that aside from being comfortable they can complement any body type if you pick the proper pair. If you have wide legs, hips or a little bit of belly, make sure you add close-fitting jeans in dark tones to your wardrobe: black, dark gray, navy, dark green, etc.; are perfect tones for stylizing your figure.

If your curves are in the middle of your body, then opt for jeans which begin on your waist, and don’t try to hide your belly under them. If your curves are on your hips, balance them out using fitted jeans with wide bottom hems, either in dark hues or with washed-out details on the sides. If your curves are all over your body, then stick to tight jeans in dark colors and fitted tops.



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