April’s birthstone: the Diamond

  • Sol Rivero

A new month has arrived, and it’s time to discover all the properties of April’s birthstone: the diamond! Perhaps one of the most popular gemstones in the world, the diamond is the official ornament for those born in April, and it can be found in regions of Australia, USA, Brazil, Ghana, Russia and Zaire.

Here are some of the characteristics and stories regarding this beautiful mineral:


April’s birthstone: what does the Diamond represent?

The diamonds are the hardest minerals in the world, which is why its name derives from the word adamus, meaning invincible. Normally, diamonds are colorless gems, but they can be found in a wide array of other colors, from yellow to black; and sometimes they can be treated in laboratories to obtain certain colors.

It was believed that Cupid placed diamonds at the tips of his arrows, which is why this precious stone has been linked to the idea of everlasting love, making it the favorite jewel for marriage proposals. Kings and queens also esteemed diamonds highly, since they represented a symbol of power, strength and invincibility.

The sparkling of diamonds when they’re exposed to the light, also spurred the imagination of the locals in India, where it was believed that these gemstones were created by lightning, which is why they named them Vajra (lightning). In Greek culture, they were believed to be fallen stars, or even the tears of the gods.


What is the Diamond used for?

Since April’s diamonds were believed to be related to invincibility, this gemstone was usually used to grant its wearer with increased inner strength, as well as balance and clarity. According to the birthstone poem:


She who from April dates her years,
Diamonds shall wear, lest bitter tears
for vain repentance flow”.


Like other gemstones, it was also believed to have curative powers, especially for expelling toxins and curing diseases related to the brain or the pituitary glands.

In our society, diamonds are used as the preferred gemstones for engagement rings, usually placed in the ring finger. This derives from an old Egyptian belief which hints that the vein on this finger is directly connected to the heart of the person.



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