Hair color trends for Spring/Summer 2014

  • Sol Rivero

We’ve told you all about the trendy hairstyles and haircuts for the new year, but sometimes a new do won’t be enough to give your look a fresh new spin. Looking for something a little edgier? Here are the hair color trends for Spring/Summer 2014 which will give you a whole new look!


Hair color trend for Spring/Summer 2014 #5: Sombré

The ombré technique was immensely popular last year, giving your hair a nice layered look with two strikingly different colors. However, this year the overall theme is: “look natural”, which is why if you’re looking for a new way of layering your hair by coloring it, you should definitely check out the sombré technique. This new trend makes your hair gradate from a darker shade to lighter hues in a very organic manner, giving it a natural look that you’ll love.

If you still prefer the bold and eye-catching ombré technique, then you can try new highlighting shades in contrasting and bright colors: combinations of brown and red, or golden are black are incredibly popular for this season.


Hair color trend for Spring/Summer 2014 #4: Pastels

Pastels are the main shades for clothes and accessories this Spring/Summer season, and they’ve been quite popular for bold hair colors during the latest years. The trend continued at the runways, with brighter shades and unusual combinations: pink, radiant orchid, blue and rainbow combinations are amongst the most popular shades, giving your hair a futuristic and unique look.

Pastel shades need high maintenance, which can make them difficult to wear. For an alternative, use them to highlight parts of your hair instead of all of it.


Hair color trend for Spring/Summer 2014 #3: Mid-browns

Brunettes are enjoying a particularly popular season, with chocolate, mahogany and caramel as some of the favorite hues for Spring/Summer 2014. The trend for brown hair favors natural-looking shades in mid-tones. Forget about too dark or too light hues! It’s all about the medium browns and just a touch of brighter undertones.  

If you want something a little more eye-catching, another popular trends for brunettes are iced browns with a few light highlights.


Hair color trend for Spring/Summer 2014 #2: Red

Want to give your look a radical change? Then make sure you give a try to the new trend of the year: red! Red hues are extremely popular for Spring/Summer 2014. From washed-out and cool reds, to gorgeous fiery shades, these are some of the most demanded tones for the new season. Use the proper hue for your skin tone, and see your face shine with the gorgeous color of your auburn hair.

Ready to try something more unique? Then take a look at the rose-gold trend. This shade has made a big comeback in the fashion world, but now it’s a valid hair color to try on its own: combine red and gold and see it shine!


Hair color trend for Spring/Summer 2014 #1: Platinum

Finally, the main color for Spring/Summer 2014 according to most beauty and hairstyle experts will be: platinum! This shiny and light shade of blond is the most popular color for the new season, and it leaves behind the dirty blond hue and the warm tones which were extremely popular last year. Want to try something dazzling and extravagant? Then opt for gorgeous and glossy icy-blond locks.

You don’t have to be a natural blond to wear it! Many celebrities with brunette hair have already began sporting cool platinum and almost white hair, so make sure you consult with your stylist and look for the best dye which gives you a natural look.



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