June’s birthstones: Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone

  • Sol Rivero

We’re halfway through the year, and the summer season is just around the corner. To celebrate, we take a look at June’s three official birthstones: the pearl, the alexandrite and the moonstone. Looking for the perfect gift for a June birthday? Choose one of these beautiful and very different gemstones and your friend or loved one will definitely love it!


June’s birthstone: the Pearl

The most common birthstone for June is the pearl. Its name derives from the Latin word pirum, meaning pear, given its shape. This gemstone is quite unique, since it’s formed inside the body of some mollusks, when an external parasite enters their body and it’s covered in nacre. However, nowadays most pearls are created in laboratories using mollusk shells.

Pearls can be found in oceans or rivers, and they can have many different colors, from a pale and creamy white color, to some more unusual shades, such as yellow, green, purple, gray and even black.

Pearls symbolize loyalty, wealth and purity, and they’ve been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. According to the birthstone poem:


Who comes with summer to this earth
and owes to June her hour of birth
a pearl should wear against her skin
who’s innocence may a heart shall win”.



June’s birthstone: the Alexandrite

June’s second most popular birthstone is the Alexandrite, a very exceptional gemstone which has the ability to change hues according to the type of light to which it is exposed: it acquires a green color in daylight and fluorescent light, and turns a reddish purple under incandescent light. The alexandrite owes its name to Czar Alexander II, under whose reign it was discover.

This gemstone is found in parts of Africa and Russia, and its properties have been imitated in synthetic gemstones. It was especially popular in Russia since it reflected the national colors of the country.


June’s birthstone: the Moonstone  

The final official birthstone for June is the Moonstone, an astounding gemstone which has a silvery color and contains spots of other hues, which make her look like a moonbeam. Roman historian Pliny believed that the moonstone changed colors and appearance according to the phases of the moon, and the romans also believed it was related to goddess Diana.

In Hindu culture, the moonstone was believed to contain a spirit which brought good luck to its wearer. They can be found in Australia, India, Mayanmar, Sri Lanka and the United States.  



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