July’s Birthstone: the Ruby

  • Sol Rivero

July is here! And the new month means only one thing: rubies! So, get your ruby slippers ready and discover the main properties of the official birthstone of July: the Ruby!


July’s birthstone: what does the Ruby represent?

The Ruby’s name derives from the Latin word ruber, meaning red, due to its most common shade of a deep crimson, although it can also be found in a grayish or pinkish hue. This beautiful gemstone can be found in regions of Afghanistan, Burma, Cambodia, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand and Vietnam.

In some oriental cultures, the ruby was believed to contain the blood of Mother Earth, called “the spark of life”, and it was also highly appreciated for its apparently self-luminous properties, which, according to certain mythologies, made it a favorite instrument for illuminating the dwellings of the gods.

During the Middle Ages, the ruby was also linked to the idea of power and strength, making it a favorite amongst the royalty; and it was widely believed that it could help foreshadowing misfortunes by turning a darker shade, as well as arousing the senses, which is why certain warriors used it in their armors.


What is the Ruby used for?

According to the properties bestowed upon this precious stone, July’s ruby is great for ensuring long-lasting devotion and happiness to its wearer, and most recently it has been linked to love and passion. The birthstone poem says:


The gleaming Ruby should adorn
all those who in July are born,
for thus they’ll be exempt and free
from lover’s doubts and anxiety”.


The ruby was also used as an amulet to protect its wearer from evil influences, diseases and disagreements; and it was believed to be an effective remedy for preventing and curing blood infections and hemorrhage.   



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