Birthday gift ideas for July

  • Sol Rivero

Looking for some inspiration for a special present? As July begins, we give you some great birthday gift ideas for July to help you celebrate those born during this month.

Discover them!


Birthday gift idea for July #5: Domestic equipment

Most July babies love their home and are truly domestic persons who enjoy taking care of others and keeping their house spotless and cozy. To help them out, you can contribute to making their chores easier by getting them a brand new domestic equipment -everything from tools to a new appliance will work!- or even some cute and fun ornaments for them to add to their home.

Pay attention to what they enjoy most: is it gardening? Cooking? Or are they avid decorators by nature? Consider their domestic side to get them the perfect birthday gift.


Birthday gift idea for July #4: A relaxing gift       

All that work and constantly worrying about others might tire the July-born easily! Show them your appreciation by finding them the perfect relaxing gift: a home-spa set, a soothing cream, a cozy pajama or quilt, bath salts, a trip to a spa…anything that can help a July baby chill out and feel pampered will be a great birthday gift which they’ll surely love.  

Also consider sharing with them a small summer escapade to the beach or a tranquil location where they can simply unwind. It will be a fun trip for both of you!


Birthday gift idea for July #3: A summer fragrance

Now that the summer is here, it’s time to change our seasonal perfume and opt for something a little spicier. Since most July babies love fashion and being extra elegant, a great new fragrance works perfectly as a birthday gift for them. For summer, look for an Eau de Cologne with scents form the Fruity/Citrus family, such as apple, orange or peach.

If you’re not exactly sure on what to get them, take a look around their perfume collection and search for a seasonal fragrance from their favorite brand.


Birthday gift idea for July #2: Silver or red jewelry

July is ruled by the Cancer zodiac sign. Cancer babies tend to be ruled by the Moon, which, according to astrology, makes them quite emotional and sensible. It also means that July-born folks look good in shades that remind you of the moon, such as silver. If your friend loves jewelry and accessories, then you can get them a cute silver necklace, an elegant silver bracelet, or some dashing drop earrings in a silver hue.

If you think they’d like something more vibrant, then opt for red accessories, since the ruby is the official birthstone of the month. Look for jewelry with rubies, red coral, garnet, or similar ornaments with red gemstones.


Birthday gift idea for July #1: Something romantic

Those born during July love romance and sentimentality. A great way of celebrating this, is by getting them a present which allows them to connect with their emotions: a romantic dinner, a scrapbook or photo-album, a book of poetry, a star naming certificate, a framed photo… any sentimental token or a gift based on shared memories will be much appreciated by a July baby.

Presentation is also quite important for them, so make sure you wrap your gift nicely and complement it with some heartfelt words or a lovely bouquet of flowers.  



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