The top 4 essential hair care tips for Summer

  • Sol Rivero

The sun and the water might feel nice on your skin, but they certainly take its toll on your hair’s health. Frizz, faded and feeble hair are very common problems which arise during the sunny season, which is why today we’ve decided to compile the top 4 essential hair care tips for Summer, so you can look beautiful in spite of the harsh weather. 


Essential hair care tip for Summer #4: Moisturize your hair

Going for a refreshing bath? Well, you might want to take some precautions to avoid green-looking hair due to chlorinated or salty water. Just like your skin, your hair will soak up any substance when it’s dry, such as damaging chemicals like chlorine. To avoid this, you’ll have to moisturize your hair before going into the water: wet your hair, and apply a leave-in conditioner or just a regular conditioner so it will soak up its properties. This way, you’ll be protecting your hair and keeping it moisturized.

Keep in mind that even if you won’t be going into the pool, dry hair will dehydrate when exposed to the sun, so consider using a moisturizing spray and remember to drink water regularly.


Essential hair care tip for Summer #3: Change your shampoo

Summer hair needs special care to avoid dryness and fading. During summer, your hair will need gentler shampoos with moisturizing and repairing properties as well as UV protection, and it’s usually recommended to avoid washing your hair too frequently, since this will only cause dehydration. However, if you have oily hair, you’ll probably have to shampoo your hair more frequently to get rid of grease, so don’t forget to accompany your shampoo with a deep conditioner, a serum or a cream.

It’s also recommended to use chlorine-removing shampoo after going into a pool, or even investing in a shampoo for professional swimmers, which will get rid of all the impurities that might damage your hair.   


Essential hair care tip for Summer #2: Avoid too much heat

Staying under the sun for a long period of time is damaging enough for your hair, which is why you should avoid any hairstyling process that might involve too much heat, such as curlers, irons and hair dryers. Reduce the number of times you use them during the summer, and don’t forget to employ conditioner when you do.

Also, avoid washing your hair with hot water. Use a cold setting to rinse and wash your hair, since it will make it look shinier and help it cool off.


Essential hair care tip for Summer #1: Avoid too much exposure to sunlight

Just like you shouldn’t expose your skin to the sun for a long period of time, neither should you expose your hair to sunlight for hours, since this will certainly damage it. The best way to have great hair during the summer is to protect it from the sun as much as you can. To shield your hair against sunlight, your best bet is to wear protective gear such as hats and scarves, and tie it with gentle hairstyles such as a braid or a bun.

Avoid spending too much time under the sunlight, especially if your hair is dyed, and remember to apply some hair spray with UV protection, mainly on the roots and ends.



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