How to find the right bag for petite women, by guest blogger Brenda Panin

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Want to look your best? Petite women might struggle every now and then to find the proper accessories to fit their small shape. But don’t despair! Our guest blogger, Brenda Panin, has decided to help you out with a comprehensive guide on how to find the right bag for petite women.  

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How to find the right bag for petite women

Women should start giving their handbags proper scrutiny and make sure that they purchase ones’ that can aid in flattering their shapes and polishing their looks. The ideal handbag isn’t automatically the one that is proportional to their shapes, but those that can augment their personalities and lifestyles and at the same time complement their body figures. In this case, a tall and skinny woman will look perfect with a handbag that is short and slouchy shaped, and hence a clutch should always be of their choice. Aside, plus-size women should pick a large structured or boxy bag that can balance their curves and avoid too small bags because it makes them look larger.

Here, the rounder a woman’s figure is, the more structured their handbags should be. Thus, curvy women should avoid rounded bags and purchase structured bags to make them appear skinny and bags that sit right above their waists. When it comes to pear-shaped women, those with ample hips and smaller torso should try bowling or sling bags that sit just above the hip area or even hobo bags to enhance the looks and attractiveness. Always, petite women are challenged by the task of choosing their ideal handbags and here are some essential tips that can help them.


Handbag’s size

Fashion experts suggest that women should know the right size of handbag that can complement their body type when purchasing them. Hence, petite women should strive to look more stylish and elegant by choosing the best size of the handbag. In this case, excessively larger handbags will make them look smaller while too small handbags will make them look like miniatures. Therefore, the best fits are handbags that are medium sized to smaller bags in relation to their individual statures. Scaling the bag is important in everyday wear and petite women should do that appropriately, but keep the evening tradition of carrying small bags and at the same time make sure that they don’t seem out of proportion.


Handbag color and complementarity with outfits

Although world fashion has many demands, a handbag’s color serves best in completing a woman’s outlook and personality. Petite woman are not an exception and they should always match their handbag color with their outfits and shoes in order to bring out their perfect looks. The trick is buying a colorful handbag with dominant hues that matches with their clothes. Aside, neutral colors are the popular choices and the recommended ones. Hence, they should go for black handbags since it is easy to harmonize black with any color of garment. Furthermore, white and brown colors of handbags are also recommended because they easily match with garments.


Handbag’s purpose

Every occasion, season and place, usually call for different designs and styles of handbags. This calls for petite women to put that into consideration when buying handbags. Thus, they can be more practical by using the handbag’s intended purpose to guide them in making a purchase. With this consideration, it will be easier to choose a handbag that complements their garments and shoes as well as the occasion. Furthermore, it will make them appear more stylish and attractive during the occasion. Durability of the bag should also be considered to ensure that it lasts for a long period serving the intended purpose.


The where and how of carrying the bag

When purchasing handbags, they should consider the where and how of carrying handbags when buying them. The right handbags for petite women are those that guarantee comfort, complement outfits and shoes and at the same time add to their outlook, character and personality. Hence, the guiding principle is buying a bag that will be easy to carry in a way that it will not draw attention to certain areas of their figures. Picking the right bag for petite women isn’t a hard task as it seems because there are many bags at their disposal that include: clutch, handheld, tote, messenger, and backpack bags amongst others. Whatever their choice is, they should remember the above tips to attain their goals with ease.


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About the author:

Brenda Panin is a full time mom and a passionate bloger interested in topics related to fashion and beauty.


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